Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” R-Rated Teddy Bear Malfunctions – CONAN on TBS

But don’t worry, Seth is there to provide the voice…but not the swears. More CONAN @

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25 Responses

  1. soulwinner247 says:

    My gosh it’s like I’m hearing Brian! Lol!

  2. Dave G says:

    Ted looks like he’s got a Red Rocket at 2:40! LOL!

  3. Chloe Price says:

    if you clothes your eyes… you hear brian the dog

  4. Strikerage says:

    Strategically placed mic at 4:04.

  5. Miyanoai14 says:

    I love how Seth is worried about swearing AFTER he said “Fuck you” without
    a second thought.

  6. Luke Easton says:

    Seth Mcfarlane is probably the best voice actor ever. His nuances he
    portrays on Brian and Stewie is incredible. The guy is definitely not

  7. MGC Plays says:

    his real voice is the voice of Brian 

  8. Tabris Umberto Frutis says:

    Seth is HOT and sexy…and his voice!!! OMG I¡d marry him in a second

  9. Shurhan Poochool says:

    Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” R-Rated Teddy Bear Malfunctions – CONAN on TBS:

  10. J Coles says:

    Am I the only one who wants to see Ted and Wiki bear fight? 

  11. Bc Samsquatch says:

    seriously it came out 2 years ago wow.

  12. Neg Ative says:

    He even LOOKS like Brian LOL

  13. Thranduil Oropherion says:

    He is so charming!! <3

  14. Callum Sharp says:

    Apparently he missed the 9/11 plane by 9/11 minutes, same year MJ died…

  15. Rebecca Kirby says:

    He’s awesome

  16. Daymon Rondino says:

    Brian is that you?

  17. MarekUtd says:

    0:30 guy on the couch said only weason you came today

  18. DeLo Monty says:

    No matter how hard I try, I always think of Brian and not Seth

  19. Kiwi Zuccini says:

    I love Seth’s voice

  20. Miawolf16 says:

    He Voices Brian, peter, And stewie From Family Guy

  21. mrs kathleen gust says:

    Conan is a weird ass looking man.

  22. Jen Vongsa says:

    Seth has such a unique voice lmao.

  23. Paul A. Gonzalez says:

    It’s crazy, right? When I first saw an interview video of seth macfarlane,
    I never thought his normal would be Brian.

  24. The BlockTV says:


  25. MAX LAWLESS says:

    A room full of illuminati, right there.

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