Set in Stain on Carpet, how to get rid of it

Squeal! I found a techniques that is actually helping the set in permanent stain on my carpet. I don’t think I’ll have to replace it after all. The stain was red and blue. You need an oxidizer…

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  1. Makenzie Page says:

    Your from the happy narwhals 

  2. mary kelly says:

    next time don’t leave iron in one spot like that..move it around

  3. Matthew Ray says:

    I have a bunch of blood on my carpet how do I get it out!?! There is about
    10 pints at least! 

  4. Makenzie Page says:

    I’ve got a green mark I’m not sure what it is but it’s in my white onesie
    and I can’t get it out

  5. Cleaning Services Lili Falls Church says:

    do you know if it is working for dog stain urine on carpet?

  6. Kenya W says:

    Lol I love your reactions. U remind me of me when I make my diy projects n
    its works. I am going home to try this

  7. Ray Biegler says:

    Set in Stain on Carpet, how to get rid of it:

  8. TheMomof6Boys says:

    LOL I was doing a search to get rid of a carpet stain and look who I
    found!! Someone I trust! I’m going to go give it a try. :)

  9. Adam Ayon says:

    I tried it on my shirt and it burnt my towel :(

  10. Beautiful Violet says:

    I can still see a bit of blue/pink but KUDOS and thanks to you! Now I’m
    looking all over for a rust stain remover!!!!

  11. Adiam Negasi says:

    You gave me a new hope too. There’s pink and blue stains in my daughter’s
    room as well and I’ve tried everything. Nothing worked, I’m going to try
    this. Love your energy. Thanks a lot!!!

  12. Charley Ingram says:

    You might have just saved my sons life from my grandmother and her carpet
    stain anger. 

  13. Jessica Villar says:

    Awesome…just did it for the carpet in my kids play area and it worked

  14. RIGAR MOTION PICTURES Since 1989 says:

    Not on colours with HP. Bad move.

  15. Kathy Botard says:

    Thank you for the smile today. I just took a 9×12 rug to be steam cleaned
    but they didn’t get whatever that grunge is on the outside. I’m going to
    try the peroxide. Much cheaper than oxy clean.

  16. Payper Planes says:

    3:23 It’s still pretty bad.

    Hope some of this stuff works on set-in coffee stains – crossing my

  17. Paul Demers says:

    I do not understand why people who do not know what they are doing post
    videos and offer advice to others. Yes, hydrogen peroxide can make some
    organic stains invisible. In this case, the green colored material was a
    spot, not a stain, as indicated by the chemical reaction when she poured
    the hydrogen peroxide on the carpet. Yes, heat can activate the release of
    oxygen … but it is safer to just let the hydrogen work over time. Some
    carpet fibers, such as olefin, have a very low melting point, and if this
    woman’s carpet was olefin, she would have a nice big burn mark now.

    Please folks… do not follow the advice on any of these DIY videos if they
    are make my people not trained in that field. Shaw Carpet has a spot &
    stain guide on their website and gives instructions for removing various
    spots and stains without damaging your carpet or making the stain
    permanent. If you can’t get out a spot or stain following Shaw’s spot and
    stain guide, then pay a few bucks to have a professional IICRC certified
    carpet cleaner to use professional techniques to remove the spot or stain
    for you. 

  18. Taya Seloria says:

    Years ago I spilled liquid on my dark wood armour foot (pretty sure i
    butchered the spelling) cabinet. I am moving and moved the cabinet to find
    this ugly brown like stain. I tried “Spot Shot” but it didn’t work. I shall
    try this and will let you know.

  19. TONYA DEAN says:

    I just got up a 3 year stain of red soda off my
    carpet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in my son’s room) lol but THANK
    WORKS PERFECT!!!!!! I just poured the peroxide on the stain. I filled the
    iron up with water and voila!!!!!! it is gone!!! I should have taken a
    before and after pic!!

  20. Leonard Maxwell says:

    A few observations,
    1. Its called heat transfer.
    2. Using an oxidizer without extraction can cause bleaching in certain
    types of yarns. Isopropyl alcohol would have been a better choice.
    3. Move the iron, by leaving the iron in one place for too long the risk of
    delamination of the carpet backing goes up. If that happens the tufts can
    easily be pulled leaving a “bald” patch.
    4. Shaw, Mohawk, Coit, Horizon, (most manufacturers and large cleaning
    companies offer online spot and stain treatment guides. Its better to check
    those resources before going nuclear with resolve, or attempting a
    procedure like heat transfer.
    5. As mentioned in a previous comment, in a situation like that calling an
    IICRC certified company to assess and handle situations that were not
    remedied with online treatment guides is the safest way to not permanently
    damage or stain a carpet. Had that been a polyolefin carpet with excellent
    stain resistance and a melt point of 160-170 degrees, softening point of
    around 150, well that iron could have meant a replaced carpet, over what
    would have been a simple hot water extraction by a professional.

  21. drumdan50 says:

    Try Folex for the blood stains. 

  22. Tama Clapper says:

    We are selling our house and have our inspection tomorrow. We had a few
    bright pink stains that even a professional could not get out. Your method
    worked!!! You have probably saved us thousands in replacing new carpet!!
    Thank you!!!!

  23. PixieLeafGamer says:

    omg you saved my life from the apartment owners kicking us out!! Thank you
    sooo much!!

  24. Sherita Williams says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I used hydrogen peroxide to clean up
    strawberry lemonade off of my carpet. I first tried a mixture of dish
    detergent and ammonia but it didnt work. But the peroxide and iron worked
    great. Pulled the stain right up in seconds.

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