Security tags, how they work and more!

Security tags, how they work and more!

I discuss the EAS (Electronic article surveillance) security tags used on clothes and other high theft items as well as some of the tools to remove them. Don’t ask me how to steal stuff, I…

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22 Responses

  1. Will Phoneman says:
  2. Interesting Ted says:

    Very interesting stuff man, thanks. Found a tag on the ground and wanted to
    know how it works. 

  3. MLG SNIPING says:

    im not gonna tell u how too steal couple sec later u take off the tag with

  4. IUSECAMERAS says:

    i still one of the old classic COMPAQ keyboards used to be my favorite.

  5. MDMA4LIFE says:

    Strong magnet will pull the pin apart … oops did I just say that :P

  6. PapayaBOy1992 says:

    Can I use a golf detatcher to remove the old gator tags? 

  7. Ulisess Anguiano says:

    So I just have to buy the black key you were using and walk right out with
    some neat stuff. Awesome 🙂 

  8. Rocío Shelinsky says:

    I have a question, with a neodymium magnet its posible take off the
    hardtags of 2:35 mins? Or just with the little gun? hahja 

  9. christopher edwards says:

    Where do i get a key that works for the spider tag one? and the other one
    that u hang stuff on? 

  10. PapayaBOy1992 says:

    @Will Phoneman Can I use a golf detatcher in order to remove the old gator

  11. edgar roberto says:

    Where do you buy the hook ?

  12. Badee Mansour says:

    HI man i trried allot to find sensormatic supertag hook on amazon and ebuy
    but i cant found it
    IS there any places or any another name to it?

  13. PapayaBOy1992 says:

    @ Will Phoneman also which tags are best used to stop theft on clothing
    items? Shirts Jeans etc.

  14. Jakie Gerbracht says:

    Where did you buy the hook. Security tag

  15. Efe Sawyer says:

    recently bought some jeans. they forgot to remove the tags. the tags were
    in a dick place. LITERRALY! right between were the legs meet. you know.
    found out the hard way and the store was like 30 miles away. sooo, I went
    back, got them removed. wasted like another 10 bucks, then I found this.

  16. Khalid Omar says:

    How do u take off the circular ones

  17. Tatyana keith-young says:

    What’s the key called for the Black Tag removal? :/

  18. Cimekiko Kun says:

    where i can buy that thing to open the super tag?

  19. George .U says:

    wondering how you got all this tags… lol!!!

  20. jeff Koltz says:

    Love this video. I sent you a message. Good channel. Can you make a
    video on soft tags (RF, AM, RFID) and how they work and are demagnetized?
    I worked in retail prior and always wanted to know. I was never in LP or

  21. Adrian Weber says:

    Damn!!! Such a cool video I really look forward to see the one on the dvd
    tags 🙂 Very well explained and you got some nice tools there! Wish I also
    had that black key, looks cool 😛 Shops here still use these spider tags
    and alos the other big ones with the metal piece release. I have seen newer
    tags but can’t remember right now. If I see one I will make a picture for

  22. Will Phoneman says:

    Thanks mate! It’s another thing that’s fascinated me for years. Like locks
    or phones, and these tags are types of locks in a way.

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