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21 Responses

  1. Rachael HELPS says:

    He crack me up when goes off on his staff. Good podcast going to act on his
    advice !

  2. Nuveaumind says:

    Grant Cardone is freakin Genius man! He needs to set up a program and teach
    young adults right out of High School on how to go into entrepreneurship.
    Get your credit up, set up an LLC which costs peanuts, and lease, lease,
    and lease!!

  3. qbnREBEL says:

    end the fed

  4. Jason Smith says:

    Mr. Cardone I was in the car business from 1999-2004 and then went into the
    mortgage business that tanked about 2 years later. I was thinking about
    getting back into the car business, should I do it on my own buy and sell
    cash cars or should I grind for the dealership. I would like to grind for
    myself instead but want see what you think.

  5. exaMAB says:

    bla bla bla bla bla, you give me so little info and speak so much, this is
    just unbelievable.

  6. Jb Yowell says:

    writing a car lease off doesnt mean you dont pay for it…it only lowers
    your tax liability.

  7. Kadir Pasha says:

    Lease ur car and do some bi’nezz!

  8. Vaha Duric says:

    Why cardone??? Dont tell them how not to get ripped off!!

  9. Angel Flores says:

    Thank you Mr. Cardone for the knowledge!!! 

  10. Grant Cardone says:

    Thats great. You gotta get the book or audio of my other two books (If
    You’re Not First You’re Last and The Closer’s Survival Guide) Order from my
    online store here —–> grantcardone . com/store.html

  11. moemoneyy90 says:

    Man I wanna work for u man

  12. 66edallen says:

    Abolish the IRS, absolutely! But NO flat tax. The Income Tax is itself
    INHERENTLY immoral, and violates our rights. If 40% income tax rate
    violates our right to property (wages), then so does 10%!!!! Grant please
    think about what you’re advocating here. The Fed gov does NOT need to tax
    wages and salaries. The income tax started in 1913. How did the Fed gov
    operate before then? That method is still available. We just need to
    resurrect it.

  13. ah3propertysolutions says:

    The Tax law will not be Abolished. It is specifically designed to benefit
    those who study it and structure their businesses and income to fit the
    legal loopholes. It’s designed to sap as much revenue from those that are
    employed and self employed…who are the bulk of the middle class. A good
    book to read is “tax free wealth” by Tom Wheelwright

  14. z00h says:

    Nice, cheers man

  15. moemoneyy90 says:


  16. Grant Cardone says:

    right – i had a guy tell me he didn’t want to hear my political views and i
    told him his salvation was dependent upon this financial advice – people
    are so dumb they don’t know its not politics it – thievery

  17. Scott W says:

    Awesome Value Bro. I never would of thought that I would be leasing my next
    car, nor that I was partnering up to fight the IRS =). Finished 10x Rule 2
    times (audio). Going through Sell or Be Sold now.

  18. z00h says:

    I’m liking the Hilfiger polo you’re wearing in this vid, what colour is it

  19. Michael Rivera says:

    “Abolish the IRS” LOVE IT!! And I’m a tax accountant. I’ll sign the
    petition all day!

  20. Grant Cardone says:

    Its a lavender purple type of color.

  21. Vin C says:

    Just curious, how many percent can you write off in the U.S. if you buy
    it?? Where I live, you can write off 100% of the car value over 5 years on
    your LLC. The advantage to that is after 5 yrs, the car has been
    depreciated to 0 so if you sell it, you can actually profit from it 🙂

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