Secret Tip Legs – Propulsion

In this secret tip on Propulsion from the Legs Series, learn why it is important to understand how much propulsion you get from your legs. In this swimming technique video Gary Hall Sr begins…
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25 Responses

  1. theraceclub says:

    It shouldn’t be a secret. Fast kick is key to fast swimming

  2. shank oo says:

    I alaways sprain my ankle doing that shit would break it in pieces

  3. Peter Brown says:

    You comment on daniel having his thighs dropped too low.

    Whats the solution for this?

    Tighter glutes? Or core? Or just less bending of legs from the knee?
    Or something else? 

  4. Gabi Ravhon says:

    Take care about the ankle drill. I got heart and could not walk for a week
    after trying to improve my ankle . ( I did only the first step of it
    without standing)
    How do you recommend to swim long distance? ( Nobody can kick very fast
    for 5 K.M) 

  5. michael santos says:

    Secret Tip Legs – Propulsion

  6. Suraiya Mohsin says:
  7. David Blakemore says:

    Hi, with the stretch starting at 2:43, do you have any tips for how to
    build up ti doing that? I’m struggling with this, when I’m on my knee, I
    can’t get the power to pull up.


  8. karolina radkova says:
  9. theraceclub says:

    Long arms (wingspan) and strong kick enable Sun to swim very fast with his
    hip driven technique (stroke rate of 60). Similar to Grant Hackett, Ian
    Thorpe and many others…all with strong kicks

  10. Ilyong Lee says:

    자막윗줄은 좀 빼지. 수고하고 욕먹어요..

  11. زاهر أحمد says:

    very helpful.

  12. веселый молочник says:

    если бы кто то перевел это всё на русский… хотя бы вкратце, обобщенно

  13. petef15 says:

    Those exercises will almost definitely give you an injury

  14. maynard789 says:

    15 seconds for a 25 just kicking? You want me to get a depression or
    something? :D

  15. patma stanes says:

    Do you have any dvds on sale, if not why not? 

  16. boob75000 says:

    tu m’etonnes qu’apres ils ont plus de genoux apres ca!! c’est du n’importe
    quoi !

  17. Caino 05 says:

    Talking about leg propulsion and all the great swimmers, yet forgot to
    mention Ian Thorpe.

  18. INTERNA9 says:

    Great video !

  19. John Giblin says:

    Great video. This is a real weak point in my swimming,

    I tried to the squat pushups and I cant even come close. Is there an
    excercise that could build me up to that

    Btw I tried using my arms. But I am basically using my arms

  20. Rhett Harrison says:
  21. Dario Hernandez says:
  22. Basma Elkhawaga says:

    That’s good I will try it

  23. Desmond Nguyen says:

    Now I know why I keep losing at swimming race.

  24. Stacy McNutt says:

    I’m 14 I never could swim at all! ); 

  25. Uke Nidsson says:

    Wow. If i only use my feet to swim 25 meter i takes like 30 seconds at
    least. And he swims faster what i can do with both arms and legs :P

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