Scientific Evidence that God is real!

This video was made in response to so many people claiming they need to see scientific evidence of God in order to believe. Well, here it is, a timeless reacting consciousness was found in…

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  1. GateMessenger says:

    A device where the only INPUT is a randomly decaying radioactive particle
    that activates one character at a time from a random generating character
    program, is self aware, thinks for itself, knows what you are thinking and
    responds to you before you can speak about future events with 100% accuracy
    and you do not see the implications? This means you are either stupid or
    are too caught up on preconceived notions.

  2. Marie c.delariviere says:

    A scientific evidence that God exists.

  3. Ronald van Den Berg says:


    sorry to wake you up from you fairy tail dream but god doesnt exist. Love
    and other emotions are chemical. PROVEN. Homo-sapiens (humans) decended
    from the Homo-erectus, and the Homo-Erectus eventualy decended from the
    Homo-Proconsul. logical thinkers call that Evolution PROVEN. and evolution
    is just a mutation in the species favour so they can survive better. the
    earth was created by gravity and dust left over from the creation of the
    sun. we have oceans because astroids with water in them landed biljions of
    years ago. ohh and the mass of an object is what creates the gravity of an

    i cant see god, i cant feel god, i cant smell god and i cant sense god in
    any other way. so what is your proof of its existence.

    do you find that impressive, well newsflash i am 14 years old. that was a
    fraction of my knowladge of the universe. people who dont know this and are
    my age probably do believe in god because in my opinion god is just a
    simple answer for people who dont really care for the real answer. and they
    also go against the human isntinct because we as humans are naturally

  4. Honest Reviews says:

    Can someone please give me proof of gods existence so I can prove them
    wrong? Please I wanna see you try 

  5. Hemal Tailor says:

    I like to dip my hair in milk, and then eat it. . . 

  6. StormFlight says:

    If science proves the existence of God, then why would 93% of the National
    Academy of Sciences identify as atheist? You mean to tell me that science
    proves the existence of God, yet the only people who haven’t figured this
    out are these dumb ass scientists? Give me a fucking break.

  7. Alex Gonzalez says:

    After a 1 min in the video i didn’t even bother watching the the rest this
    is total BS

  8. mama boo says:

    Ok im 10 and i believe god is real because how would the world be real? How
    would the bible exist? How would churches be made? Who would we worship for
    good for love and for kindness and god is inside us and he is my father and
    any one who believes in him. Jesus is our savior and gave his life for us.
    Jesus and god love us so much thats why if you if you pray to god he will
    help you with life and even if you don’t pray but as long as you believe
    and except god as our father and Jesus as our savior god will help you in
    life. So the message is if you except god as our father and Jesus as our
    father you wont go to hell or just die you will go to a 2nd life in heaven
    and you will meet the two best men/boys in the world. Thank everyone who
    belives and thank you god. 

  9. Arab Boyo says:

    I laugh my black ass off when I see a bunch of retarded atheists commenting
    nothing more than crap, but none of the try to refute this video that
    literally supported every scientific evidence which prove God’s existence.

    Keep living in your atheist little world. Only the matter of time before
    you all be rotten in hell.

  10. Katie Anderson says:

    These “proof of god” videos are always disappointing. Still, I keep holding
    out hope. But you’d think that if someone really did have proof of god I
    would not find out about it in a five year-old grainy video with chanting
    for background music. It would be big news. In fact, I’d think God himself
    would tell me in straightforward audible English. 

  11. RAZI MAN says:

    RAZIMAN is here!
    ALLAH is real!
    ALLAH EXIST!!!!!!!!!
    ALLAH IS REAL!!!!!!!!!

  12. denwerism says:

    I’m told over and over that god loves me. But talk is cheap. I see no
    evidence for this, no matter how much you hope and pray, nothing will fruit
    from it. You will get nowhere by praying, and you will get nothing by

    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for
    the rest of his life. Teach a man religion, he’ll die praying for fish.

    If you think otherwise, I’d love to hear why.

  13. Edinson Cabral says:

    A Christian got high on some good shit and started tripping = this video.

    God does not exist, this video and the people that believe this junk are
    doing the same thing religion has done for years, think they know what is
    actually going on. No one knows… yet. We don’t know what that force or
    many other things in the universe are… yet. However it is ridiculous to
    think that because you don’t understand it, it must be holy or celestial.

    Here’s a simple jab at you fools. You “proved” God is real on this video
    using science… yet science proved the bible to be wrong through many
    ways, e.g evolution. If the bible is the word of god, then how come an
    all-knowing god was proven wrong? Seems kinda dumb huh?

    Now please continue to attend school and read books for your own sakes.

  14. Chriz June says:

    6 days of creation?its not 24hours…..1 day of god could be a billion
    years to us

  15. Gul 'dan says:

    god is gay

  16. James Proud says:

    God isn’t real. U mad?

  17. david willey says:

    I can only speak for myself. I am here because God made me. For me to
    believe I am here because something came out of nothing, made time and
    space, and made itself to create time and space, is well beyond my
    thoughts. I welcome any of your thoughts.

  18. condorX2 says:

    There are so many God that actually have a name but I’m wondering which God
    is the video author referring to? I can only assume it was the all male
    angels God? The very God that created a male figure from dirt and used his
    own rib to
    clone other Adam? And instead of the name Adam, we all know he was call
    Eve where the first Adam copy God image from but this one has boobs man!. I
    was there to witness it all! It was not gay at all man.

    I shall write a story about it so my people can read about it. Groovy

  19. UmDaWrong1 says:

    Hey, Why doesn’t Jesus play hockey?

  20. Fernando Marquez says:

    Really? Wow. I am not impressed. 

  21. Van Vu says:

    WOW THE explanation of God on the grandest of scale!!! Incredible! You
    should go up there and talk on the News so the whole America can hear ya.
    Ya is right! God has to exist for all of those to happen. I’d take a leap
    of faith any day over cash

  22. Deepak the prinse says:

    I was waiting for vedio like this. Thankyou 

  23. Dual Perception says:

    God is said to be the creator of the universe, the proof is the bible and
    the consequences are said to be empirical. A person somewhere in this vast
    world wrote a short story about how he thinks the sun is powered, his
    theory says the light comes from a crystal sphere, he defends his ideas
    with his thoughts, his thoughts are written on a piece of paper he calls a
    trustworthy theory, the consequences are empirical. Both theories have
    written words as a proof, both have repercussions on our lives, both were
    written by human beings and, most importantly, both have no concrete proof
    but rather a non-empirical one: the authors imagintaion. Today we know the
    sun is powered by nuclear fission and we know the universe was created by
    the big bang, although there are many arguments imposed againtst these they
    are still alogical and completely rational answers to the questions they
    answer that follow all the mathematical and physical laws discovered until
    today; what this tells me is that god was created to explain ancient , but
    recently resolved, questions and therefore serves no purpose today in an
    epistomological global society, it also tells me that a sphere powered sun
    theory is as rightfull to the position as a true answer as religion, it
    seems bizarre that over a billion people believe in christianity doesnt it?
    If god didnt create the universe then who did? (from a religious
    perspective) if god created us who created god? if god didnt create
    anything would he still be all-powerful? if god did create us why did he
    fill 98% of our DNA with junk? does this make him lack love towards us? if
    god was all-powerful why didnt he make us incapable of causing disruption
    to the society? if god was all-powerful and all-loving why doesnt he
    modifie our DNA to enable enhanced strength, intelligence and kindness? too
    many questions (I could make at least 30 pages saturated with them) and no
    answers other than sources with equal proof on the subject. I agree with
    +thetimeman100, god doesnt exist until a proof is revealed. (excuse my poor
    spelling and grammar, english isnt my native language).

  24. Jackson Root says:

    Well who the fuck created god dumbass

  25. Epickafro2205 says:

    every creation has a creator. we just call him god. no atheist has yet to
    explain to me who is smart and awesome enough to explain how someone can
    but 3 billion dna structures in and between every single cell. only a god

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