Rubber Band Ball – Crush It – GE #SpringBreakIt

GE has a different definition of fun in the heat. Our version of “spring break” includes pushing super materials to the limit so we can learn how to make them even stronger. See how everyday…

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24 Responses

  1. Mockturtlesoup1 says:

    for some reason, i was actually scared watching that. almost like it was
    going to loudly explode and come flying through my computer screen or

  2. Piemations says:

    That was very satisfying

  3. Justin xoxox says:

    I can’t believe i’m this bored to watch this.

  4. ThePoshZombie says:

    I honestly don’t know what I was expecting

  5. Because I'm Batman! says:

    am i the only one who was expecting an explosion of some kind?

  6. Gordon Tendick says:

    Crushing a dense sphere of a pure metal would look interesting in the
    thermal cameras.

  7. Antin Harasymiv says:

    +General Electric have a YouTube channel and it’s the Will It Blend of
    crushing things. Kinda amusing.

  8. xrillo281 says:

    did ne1 else start closing there eyes as if the rubber bands would fucking
    poke your eye out threw the screen? 

  9. Bill S says:

    How much total force at full compression?

  10. George Hamilton says:

    I sympathise for all the things that they have crushed.

  11. Ratchetrene says:

    mrw gf makes a wrong move

  12. Bada B1ng says:

    And why are we all watching this?LOL!

  13. killmerhonda says:

    Will it crush?

  14. Saasha Mor says:


  15. jlcame094 says:

    most interesting thing ive seen in a while around here

  16. Natalia Orrego says:

    And that is what a mammogram feels like!

  17. DerCetnik says:

    Why is the ball not in the middle of the thing ??

  18. Sterling Burch says:

    nope not the only 1. i like the hishe batman you got there

  19. Jesse Foster says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  20. Geoffrey Mauk says:

    That’s how to start a video! What needs to be said? Nothing! Brilliant
    work. Thanks

  21. 88Hyo says:

    This is like “will it blend”,only better.

  22. Ernesto Buendia says:

    fail. no se rompieron se cortaron al llegar al final las dos bases

  23. C says:

    What exactly was being shown at the end of the video when they say this is
    what 100,000 lbs of pressure looks like?

  24. Chameleam . says:

    Can someone explain what the camera at the end measures? Is it temperature?
    If so why? 

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