RSC : Biography of William Shakespeare

The Reduced Shakespeare Company presents a brief comic biography of William Shakespeare. From ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare : Abridged’ :P.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. gofyourself says:

    Hes describing hitler! AWSOME LAUGHED MY FUCKIN ASS THE FUCK OFF!!

  2. Razgriz0111 says:

    at around 1:35 look at the asian dude to the left hes not happy

  3. Josh Lewis says:


  4. YawpingStance says:

    There he dictated to his secretary Rudolph Hess, “Mein Kampf,” …where he
    set forth his plan for the restoration of Germany.

  5. savvy13lady says:

    @AJ97ness Yeah, but obviously not the one who is alive today lol I got to
    go to Stratford-upon-avon and visited her house (and shakespeares house too
    haha) So yeah, he marrie Anne Hathaway 🙂

  6. therealjoiner says:

    1:36:D the bored Asian:D

  7. Kevin Palmer says:

    This is the opening speech which I have to make!

  8. KirbyHead says:

    “As you can see, I’m not actually an audience member… I completely fooled
    you.” XDXDXD I watched this way back in the ninth grade, but we rewatched
    it again in my class this week… this part had me cracking up already,
    just a few minutes into the movie. XD

  9. 25NewC says:

    yeah. People refer to the United States of America (USA) as America but
    America is a continent. Canada is in America. 😀

  10. KoLdude42 says:

    1:36 bottom left corner: Serious dude is Serious

  11. ILiveForMusicals says:


  12. ddm says:

    lol that was racy =P

  13. Gormanmod says:

    Ignorance is bliss.

  14. sailack0915 says:

    @DoubleRishRaniel Me too!

  15. Flowbee79 says:

    Shakespeare married Anne Hatheway? Agent 99 and Shakespeare did the nasty?
    Just how old is she?

  16. MrLawrenceV says:

    this might be the best part of the whole show. I just love it.

  17. sebandcleb says:

    hahahaha….the asian in the bottom left hand corner at 1.37 really isnt
    having fun

  18. texanleprechaun says:

    After 1608 his dramatic production lessened and it seemed like he spent
    more time in Stratford… There he dictated to his secretary Rudolf Hess,
    the word Mein Kampf LOL

  19. djcritikalmusik says:

    He just wasn’t smart enough to get the joke

  20. alchemistEXE2 says:

    LMAO I am only one of the few in my English class that take History and me
    and my friend actually understood the Hitler biography. Everyone else was
    like “… wtf is so funny?”. 😀

  21. Luclfer666 says:

    Favorite part! romeo and juliet has a million laughes

  22. GabbyGrapist says:

    @DoubleRishRaniel I love when you get jokes that other people don’t. I
    think it just makes it even more hilarious when everyone else is all: O.o

  23. Twilty says:

    Read the comedies, we was a riot!

  24. Damaris756 says:

    “…. i never knew that….”

  25. Tradller says:

    She was a member of the Roman… (searching for card)… Catholic church. I
    love these guys! A lot of the kids in my class didn’t get this part, but I
    was lmfao

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