Rodney Lough, Jr.: Photography at Google

Rodney Lough, Jr.: Photography at Google

You can find more about Rodney’s art at: Rodney has been traveling to the ends of the earth and weathered all types of climates, in a quest to find nature’s most exquisite…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses

  1. Cornelious Conner says:

    Jackie Chansky is Rodney Lough Jr.

  2. Jackie Chansky says:

    Film?: he said he couldn’t get his favorite film in 8×10 anymore – listen
    better. Awards: he just won both the 1st place AND 3rd place in the
    Professional Photographers Association Summer Shoot Out here: Where
    are all those 25 year younger people on that list, hmmmm? Get past your
    insecurities! You might not like the guy, but his works are amazing!
    Weren’t you just complaining that Michelangelo was arrogant as well?

  3. Jackie Chansky says:

    You guys seem to be confused so let me help you out here, there is a fine
    line between Confidence and Arrogance. This guys is CONFIDENT, not even
    close to arrogant. I found the vid to be very enjoyable and uplifting with
    a LOT of GREAT information.

  4. Jeff Cruz says:

    A great talk. Very inspiring!

  5. Andrew Abouna says:

    pretty hard to watch

  6. Aaron T says:

    Brutal first 15 minutes. Painful to watch, arrogant is an understatement,
    and “Film is not dead”? Please! Didn’t he just announce that he has to
    switch to digital b/c they stopped making the film? Funny, I bought some of
    that film last week. Not only full of himself, full of crap. “I have sick
    awards!” Please, guys 25 years younger than you are kicking your @ss in the
    competitions! Master Photographer? Master Doosh is more like it.

  7. Jackie Chansky says:

    link above not working right, so search “Fine Art Photography Weekly –
    Episode18 – Rodney Lough Jr” on SmibsTV

  8. Bill Boxall says:

    You don’t like Germany?

  9. Vito S says:

    wow! rodney lough jr. I really wish he and Trey Ratcliff can do google
    hangout and discuss about landscape photographer business. why is it only
    80 views i have no idea. my face is glued on this video for the last hour.
    thanks Google.

  10. Siegy Wiens says:

    Why did I keep watching for 20 minutes. Wow, what an arrogant man.

  11. pcash929 says:

    love his photos but OMG this man is painful to listen to.

  12. Jackie Chansky says:

    Just found this, shows him a bit differently than this video….different
    audience perhaps.

  13. Mark Good says:

    I agree. The lecture is tailored for the audience. AtGoogle Talks lets the
    YouTube audience sit in, Glad to have been privileged. Also his work is

  14. Sharon Quesenberry says:

    Rodney Lough has a great passion for the great outdoors. I love when people
    give back to nature more then they take from it. Appreciate Rodney working
    on persevering nature though his donation.

  15. Miguel Chavez says:

    Great at photography, as a speaker he’s not an exciting, motivating, and he
    is not funny. He also takes a long time to get his point.

  16. thefclef777 says:

    I like how he talks to people at google about iphones… ha

  17. Deepak Uniyal says:

    As he said “He loves himself” 🙂 ….

  18. ECloudBaron says:

    Wow. Someone who’s arrogance stands out even at Google would have to be …
    The Most Arrogant Man in the World. “Stay haughty my friends.”

  19. E Anon says:

    OMG this guy is unbelievably arrogant. What a deutsche bag. Amazing photos
    though. It is hilarious that soooo many of his jokes totally fail.

  20. oldlacemaker says:

    Earth muffins? Don’t shave their pits? What? at Google?

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