Riptide 1.11

Riptide 1.11 Chapter 11: The First Episode of Thalico Thalia’s POV Here I am, sitting at Starbucks talking to one of the most handsome guys I’ve ever met. Of course, I wouldn’t say that to…
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  1. TheBakerm says:


  2. Zachary Bernard says:


  3. Julie Ortega says:

    love it!!! btw im estefansalvatore i got a different account

  4. TheBakerm says:

    Oh wow!This is so lovely!

  5. Sftball1025 says:

    what is up with Emma? loved it plz update soon.

  6. Becca Holman says:

    Awuh! LOVE TRIANGLE!!!

  7. poptart_jelly says:


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