Revolutionary AquaJet Lawn & Garden Irrigation System FAQ

John from interviews Robbie Buff, the presiden of the Intelligent Irrigation, LLC, the creator of the Aquajet irrigation system. The Aquajet irrigation system…
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25 Responses

  1. PaladinO says:

    John, why are you just now showing us this, while you already have a
    established crop on this system?

    Posted over a month ago over at Rob’s channel: Follow up at John Kohlers

  2. Pierre Kisekka says:
  3. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:
  4. South Florida Farming says:

    how do you deal with the lowering of the beds over time (compaction) and
    then adding new layers?

  5. PStimeless says:

    15:25 puberty hit

  6. Steven Feil says:

    So, what was all that SURFACE WATER and PUDDLING at the beginning of the
    video? I didn’t think this system was suppose to do that.

  7. steelhorses2004 says:

    won’t the jets tear up root crops?

  8. Karl Becker says:

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see the results – I hope it works. I
    believe it will because both John and Robbie have everything to gain if it
    does. BTW, check out Johns finished 5 beds (with plants) on Intelligent
    Irrigation’s home page:
    (it probably wasn’t suppose to be posted yet.)

  9. William P Hall says:

    John i noticed the new soil, where did you get that, from Leslie?

  10. AkiraFist says:

    I have a hard time believing a high pressured water system with large pipes
    will use less water than a 1/2 inch dripper line directly on the plant’s
    roots. Even when factoring in evaporation. Hey, maybe I’m wrong, though.

  11. John Taylor says:

    I went to their website ( intelligentirrigationllc ), and can’t figure out
    how to buy / build this. Can you guys put together a ready-made kit to put
    this together easily? I need walmart-level installation difficulty, not
    thorium-reactor level of piecing this thing together.

  12. NotWatching666999 says:

    I have nothing but negative things to say about this company. I invested
    with them when they called themselves “Earth Mister” This system has failed
    on SO many levels let alone the company themselves. Boo Aqua Jet, save your
    money! I wish Dick would come dig his junk out of my yard and refund me.
    Almost every foot of the stuff has cracked after about 2 years.

  13. Daniel Herrera says:

    Subsoil irragation is a proven method that be in use for many years and can
    indeed reduce water usage and increase yields according to credible

    So everything claimed is plausible and the basic idea is sound.

    Whether this particular system (Waterjet) can perform as well or better
    than existing subsoil systems and is well constructed and functions as
    advertised however is the question.


  14. dndold says:

    Wasted $100s on earthmister…no thanks

  15. Paulo Silva says:

    So sad that John is advertising such scam again. He even said that the
    first system didn’t work properly and the excuse was that wasn’t installed
    properly, no I wonder what will be the next excuse for it to fail again or
    will he lie to us just because he got paid and got the system for free.
    Drip systems and mulch work the best, don’t try to reinvent the wheel by
    making it squared.

  16. Brian Smith says:

    I need to start working on a better way to irrigate my plants, but one step
    at a time. I am getting ready or the arrival of my first bit of Rock
    Dust(azomite). I am anxious to see the results. After seeing your gardens,
    and knowing my soil is pretty lacking, I took your advice and ordered some
    of the Azomite, food grade of course. Thanks for all the information you
    share, and have a great day in the gardens.

  17. trebor hgils says:

    This was a great help ! I think this system is a good way to water the
    plants I grow. Tomato’s and greens. I’m glad to see information relating
    to someone who is actually doing something. Im looking forward to your
    results. The cost is very close to a drip system! And I like the idea of
    the air in the soil. Just my thought here . If you worried about the
    corners getting enough hydration you could set the holes in the Aquajet
    irrigation system pipe close to the corner . Even go as far as building the
    raised beds to accommodate the hole configuration. 

  18. gjoep says:

    hey John, good you’ll try it first and let us know ^__^ thanks! btw, only
    thing that worries me is the water jets hitting the roots, maybe the roots
    getting broken and then getting sick through those areas…. hope it works
    11 times better than expected! 

  19. Harold Wong says:

    John, really looking forward to your results. I can see how this would be
    great installed vertically for watering trees and getting nutrients down to
    the root zone quickly. So foliar spray makes the plants take the nutrients
    down to the root zone in order for it to use it? Is there additional info
    on this? Thanks.

  20. Billy Pippin says:

    Why not make it your self? 

  21. RLSgardener says:

    I still think you could do the same thing with PVC pipe with holes drilled.
    when you bury the pipe rap it in weed cloth/paper to keep the roots and
    large dirt particles from clogging the holes. If that does not work i just
    dont see how this will be any different.

    I could be wrong, but at what $1.60 a foot + couplings @ $2-3.35 each +
    shipping costs? wow thats a lot.

    I just bought material for a PVC drip system 200′ of row including a 50′
    main line (all fittings and valves) for ~$100.

    something like this would cost over $400 not including shipping =( I mean
    what if it doesn’t work whats the refund policy?

  22. SuperVt100 says:

    Are you in the Ca dessert or where? I wonder if this sytem works in the
    more tropical regions with raised beds?

  23. logunlad says:

    why not aquaponics if water is a problem ? 

  24. Keepskatin says:

    I’m not a fan of raised beds,because I just don’t like the look,and it make
    it easy to trip in my yard. I like everything at ground level viewing,it
    looks neater to me. Also by planting in the ground water is retained better
    than raised beds,because the sun is only hitting the soil from above,not
    the sides and above. With that being said,if you’re like me,you would dig a
    rectangular hole and plant this system in the ground. You’d probably save
    enough water to skip a day,or cut the watering interval in half,compared to
    a raised bed.

  25. DesertSmell says:

    OK. I love the info in the vids but the audio needs improvement. Loud
    then silent. Just talk as quiet as your friends so I don’t have to adjust
    volume every 30 seconds. 

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