Resonance Experiment

This is a nicely seasoned video of a resonance experiment. “Resonance is a phenomenon in which a force is applied repeatedly at the natural frequency of a system and large amplitude oscillation…

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25 Responses

  1. 84GKSIG says:

    enjoyed this

  2. maya d says:

    now,thats school

  3. Satyender Kumar says:

    wow, thank you.

  4. 13 Enlightenment 13 says:

    The wine glass still ain’t break 

  5. musicalwayshere4 says:

    Haha I love the ending 

  6. javier C says:

    Can you detect a specific vibrarion of the Earth at a speciic point? 

  7. Jacopo Barberis says:

    What a nice comedian.

  8. Sylvester Mashile says:

    lol this guy is hilarious , wish he was my physics lecturer

  9. Trevor Janos says:

    good vid, i was watching something where through the same thing they used
    to break glass, if you could tune it to the same resonance as a metal
    object is, you could destroy it….its crazy

  10. Babelfish112 says:

    wow awesome lecturer!

  11. BrewedStrange says:

    This is how learning SHOULD be 🙂

  12. Robin Small says:

    My unelectrically trained idea…. is that the sine wave represents the
    best wave frequency for sound ultimate power reception …all sound waves
    in unison and amplified (remember when he first taped and everything was
    low and fuzzy)(he then played with finding the best frequency to make a
    sine wave with sound and thus the most energy available when cranked up to
    shake the glass with one . Everything has a frequency where harmony occurs
    and 1 plus 1 = 1 or better. ..

  13. 150MilesPerGallon says:

    I’m very interested in resonance, and its ability to weaken and even break
    free, the oxygen and hydrogen that is both ocean and faucets(tap) water.
    Resonance is the most efficient approach to HHO production im aware of thus
    far. Great video. Great demonstration. Thank you for posting this video up.

  14. Daniel Ram says:

    Haha what a great prof!

  15. Nabo00o says:

    @TheNuclearWatermelon They downplayed that a whole lot, just like they have
    done with everything else that borders the edge of conventional accepted
    science. Resonance has immense possibilities…

  16. James Scheffler says:

    Look, if you don’t understand Physics, all of this seems very mysterious,
    as though there are forces around us which the Oil Companies or Big Brother
    or the Catholic Church or some other nebulous “THEY” don’t want you to
    understand. But then you take just one actual physics course, and suddenly,
    the mystery drops away, and instead in its place you have understanding,
    and the wisdom to understand that there are even greater mysteries out

  17. op684 says:

    are they all actors or is it real? if tis real then I gotta say I wish
    every professor was like that..)))

  18. Robin Small says:

    If I had to coin a phrase for “Resonance frequency” here it is = ” any
    object has an exact wave frequency where all energy input is maximally
    amplified by that object “. Which if unintended could cause that objects
    destruction or shaking apart like the bridge in the wind or the jar under

  19. richardlyew says:

    @nlimchua Tesla will live on forever because everything that he has done we
    are using today and there is alot to come. too bad some of it can be used
    for bad like sonic weapons

  20. James Zawacki says:

    I prefer my method better.. pair of 12″ sub-woofers and the resonant
    frequency of the vehicle they are in. 😀

  21. safywafer says:


  22. RavenPrecept says:

    @op684 At school Mr Radcliff was a showman. He got us all listing intently
    for the tiny sound the flame would make when it went out. Of course it was
    a massive BANG! and we all jumped out of our skins.

  23. 7andrew11 says:

    is there such thing as negative resonance and if so, what would it do to
    the glass or object?

  24. Shanae Stoddard says:

    I love those glasses…

  25. shrilayt says:

    I guess in some part of the world about 50 students scored and A in
    physics!!! 😀

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