Republicans vs Sanity | Government Shutdown Looms

“While much of official Washington on Saturday somberly faced the likelihood of a government shutdown, the most conservative members of the House sported a different expression. They were…

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  1. ralph lee says:

    All of you Fools that listen to this Fool ‘Turk” look at all the facts. The
    Republicans want to fund Homeland Security.
    They just don’t want to fund Obama’s ILLEGAL Executive Order on Immigration.
    So it is Obama (aka. Barry Soetoro) and his Cronies who refuse to
    COMPROMISE and will shut down the Government.

  2. Gentleman kc says:
  3. Randy Brush says:

    Republicans vs Sanity | Government Shutdown Looms

  4. myHome109 says:

    Cenk Uygur the intellectually dishonest!

  5. Mikko R says:
  6. Erik Husoe says:
  7. beastachu's youtube subscriptions says:

    Republicans vs Sanity | Government Shutdown Looms

  8. badmonkeyking says:
  9. Unklebillybob says:

    CONT Jan – Dec 2011 $1.10 Trillion Jan – Dec 2012 $1.31 Trillion Therefore,
    GW Bush & the Republicans, in those 6 years of control, accumulated a grand
    total of $3.02 Trillion. For the Democrat controlled Congress and mr obama,
    in their 6 years of control, have accumulated a grand total of $7.75
    Trillion, which is a “HUGE” Increase in our NTL DEBT. And Now mr obama &
    the Democrats want to saddle us with, at least, $3 Trillion more for the
    Obama Health Care Tax. They all need to be Fired!

  10. razzle nipper says:

    Okay, how about Mitt Romney.

  11. prokaryoticeukaryote says:

    Ooh, you got all researchy on me. What will I do now– Huh…it says here
    that the blue dog coalition comprised a quarter of the Democratic caucus
    during that period. No, not Blue’s Clues, silly. You know, the Republicans
    who sided with the Democrat party because they realized that their party
    had become raging lunatics. It seems that between them and the howler
    monkeys in the GOP, the Democratic party constantly had to compromise by
    continuing to fund both wars. But, wait, there’s more…

  12. Unklebillybob says:

    As I said, The Democrats were in Total control of the Federal Purse Strings
    from Jan 2007 until December of 2010. At anytime they could have changed
    anything they wanted and the Republicans could do nothing. I’ll say it
    again, The key word is ‘RESEARCH’

  13. Julia Warburton says:

    Rep or Dem…this guy is a complete JERK

  14. vengencefrom1979 says:

    get fucking real. the main reason McCain chose Palin was because he didn’t
    want to win. everyone knew the economy was nose diving and it is standard
    fare for repuglicans to bail whenever possible and blame democrats.

  15. prokaryoticeukaryote says:

    So, because I just explained to you that the Democratic party had to
    contend both with blue dog dissention in its ranks and the uncompromising
    republican party, which is why they voted to continue to fund both wars,
    and not end the Bush tax cuts, I haven’t done my research? No, I think you
    just have a weaksauce argument, and are attempting to conceal it by acting

  16. razzle nipper says:

    Forget about GOP extinction, if not for their ridiculous gerrymandering of
    the Democrats (and their efforts to manipulate and over-represent
    minorities and ILLEGAL voters!) would never win another election.

  17. GrassValleyGreg says:

    Republicans in Congress, the batshittiest of them in particular, don’t have
    to win elections because their victories are all but assured in their
    bullshit districts.

  18. Unklebillybob says:

    Let’s start with some basic FACTS: January 3rd, 2007 was the day the
    Democrats took over the Senate and the House.. At the time: * The DOW Jones
    closed at 12,621.77 * The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5% * The
    Unemployment rate was 4.6% * Our National Debt was $8.68 Trillion * George
    Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH
    This is what we had, before the Democrats took-over control of the entire
    Congress. Now, Look at the mess we’re in!

  19. 1harderthanyouthink says:

    1) Can’t “fire” a President, he was a senator for 11 years 2) Businessmen
    don’t make services the best, they go for profit 3) Immigrants make this
    country, but the foreign oil is a good point 6) You can’t revoke Visas
    without reason. And Saudi Arabian gov’t is an ally of the US 7) Privatize
    as much as possible 8) That’s inhuman

  20. prokaryoticeukaryote says:

    In general comment down-voting is abused too much to be of use, especially
    when idiots and ignorant people are doing the voting. What’s really
    shameful is that we could all have a much more substantive conversation if
    these guys actually bothered to take advantage of the internet and do
    research into the thing they’re commenting on. Even having a passing
    understanding of the events of last decade would go a long way…

  21. Matthew Bissonnette says:

    The Republican party is basically extorting the current administration,
    what, can’t they do a Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith goes to Washington and
    filibuster this situation? Of course if they shutdown the government who
    will use tax payers money on such essential activities like advertising the
    new twenty dollar bill? Surely with the government shutdown, anarchy and
    chaos are right behind.

  22. redfightblue says:

    ACA is WAY over budget. Subsidy fraud will hemorrhage funds. Premiums have
    skyrocketed and will continue to go up after it is fully implemented. Those
    that passed the law exempted themselves from it. The QUALITY of health care
    has gone down and will continue to go down. No where more than health care
    can I think of an example where capitalism works better. Go to a hospital
    and pay cash. You’ll pay about 50% the amount billed to someone with

  23. razzle nipper says:

    I think it’s finally time to officially change your name to The Old Fat

  24. Unklebillybob says:

    You want Specific Facts of additions to our NTL DEBT? Lets start with GW
    Bush and Republican Congress: Jan – Dec 2001 $281 Billion. Jan – Dec 2002
    $467 Billion Jan – Dec 2003 $591 Billion Jan – Dec 2004 $595 Billion Jan –
    Dec 2005 $574 Billion Jan – Dec 2006 $510 Billion ** Democrats Take Total
    Control of Congress Jan – Dec 2007 $549 Billion Jan – Dec 2008 $1.471
    Trillion Jan – Dec 2009 $1.611 Trillion Jan – Dec 2010 $1.741 Trillion ***
    Republicans Retake House CONT

  25. Unklebillybob says:

    Fact # 1, The Republicans are in control of The House of Representatives.
    Fact # 2, The Democrats are in control of the Senate. Fact # 3, The
    Democrats are in control of the White House. Jan 2011, The Republicans took
    control of the House of Representatives and Slowed the spending of the
    Democrats. If the Republicans Had Control of Both The House of
    Representatives, & The Senate, then they could begin to reverse the HUGE
    National Debt the Democrats have put us in since the 2006 Elections.

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