Redang Clean-Up Day 2007

For more great information, photos and video about Malaysia, visit Virtual Malaysia Social Travel Channel – For two days in September, Redang Island was inundated…
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4 Responses

  1. paulydoesdisco says:

    I helped out at Berjaya Redang in 2008. I had such an awesome time and felt
    that my small contribution helped. It would have been fantastic to do more
    but conditions didn’t allow us. I want to go back some day soon.

  2. movielover543 says:

    wow! what a great thing to do! its really great to see people who put so
    much effort to save the environment! props!!

  3. gina1876 says:

    effort yang bagus to save our environment

  4. ianism21 says:

    for everyone out there… when you see crown of thorns do not poke it by
    thinking if u injured it it will die. no you are just triggering it to
    release its gonads (eggs and sperm).. and i have an observation that crown
    of thorns at there normal population range is actually helping the coral
    reef. it eats up dominant coral species giving space for other coral
    species to grow in the new empty space. if you think removing them is
    helping nature, it may not actually true. u just helping the RESORT.

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