Recycle : Plastic Water Bottle Flowers

For more pictures: visit This tutorial shows how to make beautiful and colorful flowers out of recycled plastic water bottles. if you paint only at the back…

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25 Responses

  1. SreeCrafts says:
  2. Erminia Comin says:

    Recycle : Plastic Water Bottle Flowers:

  3. April Arellano says:

    Can you do this but with the caps only if you can that would be great

  4. bellgallery says:

    Very interesting !!!!!

  5. Subha Rajaraman says:

    Very beautiful and creative. 

  6. Ruthabhenz's CHANNEL says:

    this was our project in school..

  7. Ashmiya Ansar says:

    I think its beautiful thanks for sharing

  8. ruben raj says:

    Gud… i like d creativity. … may God bless you….

  9. Arabella Abad says:

    It’s very easy. thankyou :)

  10. geena luxy says:

    I like it

  11. Srilakshmi Tariniganti says:

    Super awesome use of plastic bottles

  12. Edely Báez says:

    Me gusto un montón están muy bonitas que daron muy perfecto Dios bendiga
    por siempre a ti

  13. Rubi Luna says:

    This really helped me for a project I have to do at school how did you come
    up with the idea 

  14. TexPR1 says:

    Those are so stinking cute!!! Did you come up with this idea??

  15. sabavath hethesh chanvuhan says:


  16. Srinivas Vutakuti says:

    beautiful and very good

  17. spookycheeseballs says:

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet ;o)

  18. Carol Miller says:

    I tried this but my paint dried very dull? Yours are so shiny and lovely

  19. Marie Seyi says:


  20. varalakshmi inguva says:
  21. Aitek Rove says:


  22. Sylvia Ruiz says:

    This is brilliant

  23. mrschayote8 says:

    Very nice and creative!!

  24. Riya Parekh says:

    Its awesome ! Are you from India ?

  25. Fatima says:

    Awesome! I love it! I’ll make some soon! Thank you for your form of art!

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