Rapper Immortal Technique Arrested for Robbery

Rapper Immortal Technique Arrested for Robbery and Assault Over Confrontation with Vendor Selling Alleged Bootleg Merchandise Featuring His Trademarked Logo. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great …
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25 Responses

  1. JClayton 1994 says:

    The Devil crept into heaven
    God overslept on the seventh
    The New World Order was born on September 11th.

  2. Mark Dice says:

    In other news, his mugshot is the first time he’s been photographed without
    wearing a hat.

  3. mountaindewmofo says:

    How do you rob somebody selling stolen music?

  4. Juan Gonzalez says:


  5. cool2t says:

    so we’re just going to ignore the “alleged” part.

  6. coldstaind says:

    I bought all of Techniques CDs he has a great message. This same shit
    happened to 2pac 

  7. Mass Debater says:

    Innocent until proven guilty 

  8. nyctreeman says:

    The property he was performing at wasn’t his – so he really didn’t have any
    legal right to confiscate anything – the fact that he also took money from
    them is going to be really bad for him legally. You can’t just forcefully
    rob people of money because you claim they are counterfeiting your brand.
    So he’s probably going to be found guilty. He should have had the security
    at the event detain the guys while police were called.

  9. Micah Gunnell says:

    Used to be a fan of his before I became a Christian…Ultimately though I
    think he’s about half-deceived in his views. Not only is he a socialist, he
    also wrote a big blog post back in the day saying how he thought Obama was
    going to be a great president, etc…I have no idea how he could think that
    and have any clue as to how these things work behind the scenes. He’s a
    talented lyricist but he’s got some really violent, disturbing music(check
    out “Dance with the Devil”).

  10. Troll Masters says:

    Msm fail… Lol! Any publicity is good publicity…

  11. oxygeninterface says:

    mark… you’re being somewhat of a hypocrite here. you denounced mike
    brown’s mother for essentially committing the exact same infraction, but
    express doleful sympathy toward this guy simply because there’s a very
    small slit in his eyes that’s keeping him from being totally blind. being a
    9/11 truther doesn’t automatically give someone the right to act with
    impunity, especially since it is usually the ones with partial light that
    are the most proud, stupid, and ripe for deception. educating a fool can be
    very dangerous.

  12. Thomas Jefferson says:

    He’s a Communist disinformation agent.

  13. chance2413 says:

    How come Mark never points out that its mainly Jews running everything?
    Music, movies, media and even porn, they run it all! Why do these guys who
    claim to be all about “truth” never tell it?

  14. JClayton 1994 says:

    Mark I beg a reply! What do you think about UK artists Akala & Lowkey? If
    you know of them.

  15. XtremeNeed says:

    Haha, even in one of his raps he warns those who still his product without
    his consent.

  16. berniebernstein1 says:

    Immortal Technique is an anti-white commie dick head! He blames “white
    people” for all of the worlds troubles, and never mentions that it is
    really JEWS who run the show. Similar to how Mark Dice blames the imaginary
    illuminati and never mentions that it’s jews behind all of the worlds
    turmoil and always has been. All of these so called “truthers” are only
    telling you half the truth and leaving out the most important part… IT’S

  17. Sync Remz says:

    Immortal technique – Dance with the devil. One of the greatest rap songs I
    have heard. The damn song gave me chills it really made me think back about
    everything I recommend u listen to it.

  18. Mr-D-DiVine-1 says:

    If some dude is making money out of your material ,of course your going to
    take what’s yours

  19. scm3321 says:

    Where the f*** is lowkeys one best rapper talk about real music

  20. Ben A says:

    Stay up Immortal Technique!

    One of my favorite rappers…

    If he would have been a sell-out mainstream artist, he would have just had
    some henchman do his dirty work for him…

    The Illuminati is renowned for catching enemies and miring them in
    litigation and legal problems…

  21. smashbro123169415 says:

    Damn,i dont believe it,he was the guy who woke me up.That SUCKS!!!

  22. Soldier1171 says:

    I maybe wrong but I think he rapped about raping women right? And having a
    gang sex with his mother???? Anyways some of his songs are ok.

  23. John Smith says:

    Mortal Combat is communist


    Listen to K-Rino best killuminati rapper ever!

  25. zero matt says:

    Fuck boot laggers. 

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