Quick Healthy Breakfast: Coconut Porridge with Caramelized Banana I Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw is nutritionist to Made In Chelsea’s Millie Macintosh and is also ICON UK’s guest chef. Today Madeleine shows us an amazing breakfast you can whip up in 5 minutes… perfect…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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8 Responses

  1. Cheyenne Ellzey says:

    Is there any other way I can make this without the coconut products? As
    well as for others who have a coconut allergy.

  2. dhiya dhanesh says:

    I love how madeleine is always smiling….. its just makes me calm……

  3. Melanie Murphy says:

    Perfection! I’m going to make this tomorrow :)

  4. Kat Horrocks says:

    Oh wow! I always add banana on top of my porridge, definitely need to try
    caramelising them. Drooling!! :)

  5. TheMissShweta says:

    This recipe was so close to south Indian cuisine as we in here too use lots
    of coconut and also coconut oil to fry veggies.
    It’s definitely worth a try 🙂 tysm. 

  6. Emily Sack says:

    Hmm loved this! 

  7. Venetia Falconer says:

    LOVE this Maddy! 

  8. Petra Szalay says:

    It is a pity that cocnut oil and milk are so pricy in my country… :(

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