Quick, Easy High Calorie Meal Examples (Bulking Tips)

3 QUICK, EASY, HIGH CALORIE MEAL EXAMPLES – Bulking Tips / Advice To Help you hit your calories, gain weight and grow! – University Student Bodybuilder’s Diet / Meals for Hard gainers …
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  1. reego junior says:

    This is your most helpful video I always watch it 

  2. tomal tee says:

    Hey guys a cheeky snack before going to bed:

    4 slices of medium bread = 376 kcal (16g protein, 66g carbs, 3.6g fats)
    1bs (16g) smooth peanut butter = 87.36 Kcal (2.9g protein, 6.4g carbs ,5.4g
    6 slices beef salami (50g) = 130 Kcal (6.5g protein, 0.95g carbs ,11g fats)

    Total = 593.4 Kcal (25.4g Protein, 73.35g Carbs, 20g fats)

    Note: this recipe is intended as a guideline and can be altered, however
    this recipe is quick and tastes great.

  3. FilthyMcNastyAzz says:

    watching this for the lulz of 9″ arms advising on bulking

  4. Sum Dood says:

    I was eating this shit in jail.. funny it’s prison food (maybe a bit

  5. Aiken Wilkinson says:

    The second meal is 500 cals max?

  6. Garrett Johnston says:

    You shouldn’t cook in the microwave, especially cook your vegetables. All
    of the nutrients will be drained from the radiation.

  7. William Johnson says:

    da fuck is chuna?

  8. Chris Brown says:


  9. Jare Bear says:

    So each day you get your own “pat on the back meal”? Just saying if you
    really want to hit goals you can’t just have a whatever meal everyday.
    Everyone has their cheat meals but every day? Whatever floats your boat,
    you can stay looking average and skinny

  10. john pshitek says:

    butter. it has it all.

  11. Alex Blow says:

    7 months ago… LOOK AT YOUR HAIR

  12. Solve CubesErryday says:

    View on creatine?

  13. Mark Kobak says:

    I eat like 2499 calories per day.. but I don’t eat so much as you at once..
    I eat like every 2-3 hours.. And I never know what I want to eat.. like
    sometimes you just want to eat big ass meal.. and second time it will be
    something just few eggs or few toast or something like that..

  14. Ravi Ramcharan says:

    Exactly what I needed! Great tips! When are you going to make another vid
    of similar tips? 

  15. Gains University says:

    Good vid mate!

    Check Gains University for that school/lifting life!

  16. Del James says:

    Sainsbury is the most expensive place to buy food if you’re on a budget.
    Plus you shouldn’t eat tuna every day, it’s full of mercury and causes your
    brain cells to decline. 

  17. Aaron Johnson says:

    Pro Tip, with 10 Minutes to go on the rice,just add the frozen veg into the
    rice cooker 

  18. Sean ThompsonTV says:

    6000 Subs! Just hope i’m helping you guys achieve as much as you’re helping
    me. See you all on Monday! Thanks for all the continued support, have a
    good weekend.

  19. Joe Moran says:

    White bread orange juice weetabix . Pure sugar just no… fucking white
    bread aswell. Spike your blood sugar what a load of shit.. you eat

  20. Black Heart says:

    Oh boy… White bread, bottled orange juice, sugar cereals, microwaving
    vegetables, ramen noodles, fish fingers. Hello cancer! Go home, kid.

  21. GuideTo2007Scape says:

    Is it possible for me to gain size and strength doing bodyweight exercises?
    Like push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, squats, and calf raises? I would always
    do harder variations, like once I can do 15 push ups, move onto 15 diamond
    push ups. Or When I can do 15 pull-ups, move onto 15 wide pull-ups and just
    keep doing harder variations. Do you think this would work?

  22. MrPreZidentZ says:

    Too much sodium in this diet imo

  23. Iren Smith says:

    You inspired me I’m losing weight like crazy and thats so helpful thanks
    for sharing 

  24. daniel ash says:

    I could not eat only 3 meals a day…. i would go insane, but good that it
    works for you :)

  25. Dylan West says:

    Great vid

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