Quick And Easy: Minecraft Item Elevators

Quick And Easy: Minecraft Item Elevators

Follow me on twitter! Stay up to date: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo What do you guys think of all the new graphics? Pretty cool eh? Test Item Elevator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxwYTo…
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24 Responses

  1. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    Quick And Easy: Minecraft Item Elevators

  2. Denver William says:

    The second one stops after 7 or 8 items sadly.

  3. ComputerGeek1100 says:

    when I build design 2, the torch burns out and the elevator stops if i try
    to put too much into it.

  4. One Word says:

    How did you have no ground area? Floating in nothing. Nice presentation too

  5. freak gamer says:

    the desing of the elevator 2 doasent work! i lost a lot of items and
    materials to build that D:


    2:06 So you wanna get started with a 4×3 elevator

  7. Wibbly Wobbly says:

    So let’s say I made the first design. If I put a stack of items at the
    bottom, what will happen?

  8. AMO says:

    how do you get items in from the 1st design

  9. Shadowdane says:

    Hmm this doesn’t work for me in 1.8… the torches burn out after a few

  10. Thomas Chritton says:

    2nd one doesn’t work

  11. Trevor Williams says:

    you can also (with that last design) use a chest to store the items you
    want to send up the elevator, have a hopper that extracts the items from
    the chest, into a dispenser(here you can make a compariter clock) so that
    you don’t have to manually throw items into the water

  12. Seany Boy says:

    how the hell does that third one work?

  13. DevillKiller1997 says:

    does it have 2 be ice?

  14. Bradknightable says:

    to all saying design two does not work I got it too I had to expose the
    redstone torches on the front all the way up the side where the hoper for
    loading is its fidgety but hay any machine is

  15. Kyle Hill says:

    i tried design 3 on my creative world and it works perfect, even found a
    few improvements (the block where you place the water at the top, if you
    replace it with a hopper instead the items will still glitch through the
    hopper to be on top of the hopper, and the hopper will then suck it in.).
    the only thing i would say about this is it will not work if your world is
    laggy. i tried to build this in my survival world and it would not work
    because i was building it beside a 13 million item automatic storage
    machine, which of course creates a lot of lag, but if your world has no lag
    or localised lag like mine where you can build somewhere far away from it,
    this design is perfect and by far the cheapest and best looking.

  16. Seba P says:

    Mumbo, i commented on another video about your texture pack and i have to
    say, i must have it! i mean yes, i got the original, but could you make a
    tutorial on how to make your modded one.?

  17. Dee Sleezy says:

    so basically add a timer clock to one of the torch blocks so that it keeps
    cycling items up…. right now it’s built to activate when items are
    thrown in which doesn’t help them reach the top unless u throw tons of
    blocks and even then the bottom ones never make it to the top

  18. LyricLy says:

    4:05 And ice melts. So packed ice is better.

  19. Nancy B says:

    I am your bigest fan!And I will continue to watch all of your awesome

  20. Mad Kiyos says:

    The first one, all you need is a redstone clock to activate and continue
    for enough time so that the items can reach the destination and continue.
    The clock needs to keep going for a little while after the items have been
    cleared from the container being judged by the comparator.

  21. bobbyman0330 says:

    Does design 3 work with console edition 

  22. Jonno Johnson says:

    I built the glass elevator on a Bukkit Spigot server and it didn’t work.
    The item kept disappearing at the fence, reappearing at the blocks and
    floating down the channel over and over again!

  23. Phos Hilaron says:

    Is there a height limit for design number 3? I tried it for 64 blocks high
    and it seems to work without a problem but I’d like to use it to move stuff
    from bedrock to about level 128. Thoughts?

  24. mark yaromich says:

    That isyoudone XD lol

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