Proverb 10 Memorize Lines Bible Memory Improvement & Scripture Memorization Technique A J Baltes

Proverbs 10 CLICK The proverbs of Solomon: A wise son makes a glad father, But a foolish son is the grief of his mother. Treasures of wickedness profit nothing,…

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8 Responses

  1. Patrick Bet-David says:

    Loved your video!

  2. Cathy Stokes says:

    trhanks for sharing 

  3. Steven C. Raphael says:

    The whole book of “Titus” Quoted By Memory. by Steven Raphael• Dear Friend,
    you once encouraged me and now I have 10 books memorized just put this one
    on you tube, Our church Talent content last night, Guess who won 1st place.
    watch if you’d like, thank you so much! For all you do.

  4. Mitch Metzger says:

    OK. Great job BUT I thought by the title of your presentation that after
    you quoted the scriptures that you were going to TEACH US A TECHNIQUE on
    how to do this also? Was it the hand gestures that we were supposed to be
    watching to show us that “adding gestures” to your scriptures will help you
    to remember them? Is that the lesson being taught?

  5. Steven C. Raphael says:

    Wonderful, I have 10 books word for word memorized of the new testament. I
    just Loaded up Ephesians 2 days ago 3039 word. Also I did a Rap version of
    The book of James 5 chapters, 2500 words. You’ve been an inspiration to me,
    My 1st book in front of our church here in Nebraska was Titus. I’m from
    Foster City California. I know not many will watch the whole books but I
    want people to know that it can be done, with the Lords help and self
    discipline. Thanks again

  6. james prigioni says:

    Excellent brother! Love covers all sins

  7. balltennis1 says:

    Thank you for your good comment. I am working on a book to help people with
    technique in memorizing long passages. Until it’s done, though, I will have
    to give the techniques as people ask in the comments section. I have
    answered some questions like this specifically in other video comments. For
    instance, somebody asked about how I review, and I gave them a detailed

  8. balltennis1 says:

    If you would like to see more of my videos as they come out please

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