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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. GirlfriendsTV says:

    oh hello flexibility

  2. BriaAndChrissy says:

    You’re amazing!

  3. Mawi Yasu says:

    I see hickey on your neck ;D

  4. Jelly and Day says:

    Omg. Dead.

  5. Teighlor Gauthier says:

    I vote for a blooper reel anyone else in!

  6. Lowriisnotcool says:

    You’re exceedingly gorgeous

  7. loserluigi says:

    omg the pouring water on is genius.

  8. kiki weirdness says:

    please post more vids steph!!!
    ps: I love u and what you do! <3

  9. GoodEmeryFun says:

    Why is it so many Youtubers have a stuffed Pikachu in their house?

  10. supekele says:

    “Keep sports– oww.”

    That pretty much summarizes my experiences with sports. Physical ones,
    anyway. I’m half-tempted to try #ProudtoPlay on Dota 2.

  11. DarkW0lverine says:

    Yayyyyyy LGBT in sports!

  12. Anna Eubanks says:


  13. Britt Preston says:

    O_O damn you rock tht pony tail 

  14. wheelyrachel ! says:

    ok this is hilarious!

  15. BillyandPatVlog says:


  16. Taylor Goshorn says:

    I love your videos and how your so interactive with your followers, I mean
    friends. And I find it really inspiring that your doing something you love
    (YouTube) and going to collage!

  17. Michelle Beaty says:

    Don’t ya hate it when your whole body gets a tan and then you’re like shit
    my foundation is too light now. Then you stress about it for a bit and then
    convince yourself no one will notice, but then someone does and you’re like

  18. Marushii Yáng says:

    Sadly if I got a tan it would stay! But your so gorgeous and I love your
    videos cx 

  19. WantedWolves78 says:

    I love how her voice tone changes when she says something inpiring

  20. Lauren Meyers says:

    Daaaang girl you lookin’ hella sporty.
    Also um. Flexible. Yeah. 

  21. MissMorgin says:

    bahaha “And by guarantee I mean I *really* don’t know…” This is literally
    me every time someone asks me something like “Are you sure?” lol Oh and you
    absolutely rock the ponytail girl<3 

  22. Juliana Cohen says:

    hahahahahha geniusssssssssss

  23. Carly Vanderford says:

    I love you. And I think you’re amazing. But “basketball” is one word!

  24. Inbar Katzir says:

    but what if my friends think I’m too sporty? 🙂 (I play volleyball)

  25. Darwin M says:

    wow you look great with a ponytail ♥

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