PROOF WLS WORKS w/ BandedWendy: Summertime Food Goto Items

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9 Responses

  1. Colby VSGmommy says:

    That protein shake sounds amazing! I’ve been craving babybel cheese so bad
    lately. I’m gonna have to go get some soon. Great video, Wendy.

  2. Renee Bands says:

    I love seeing your hair!!!! I always see it pulled back 🙂

  3. smiley319 says:

    First of all, your hair looks super cute in this video. Second, I love
    Trader Joe’s! They have a great selection of prepared meats that you can
    warm up in the microwave (which usually, I don’t do well with either). The
    balsamic & rosemary grilled chicken, the pot roast you mentioned, the
    pulled pork and pulled chicken, all of them are low in calories and high in
    protein. The best is that it saves you time in the kitchen and gives you
    time to get outside and enjoy the summer.

  4. JennasBandedJourney says:

    Love this video!!!! Thanks, Wendy! I think I’m going to def try that
    protein shake idea! 😉

  5. montecella daniels says:

    Wendy u r sooo cool!! Just want to thk u for inspiration. Im almost 3 yrs
    out and still not @ goal but i look @ ur vids and gain a lot of knowledge
    and inspiration to go on another day. Just wanted to thank u & if i make
    the next meet & greet u r on my to do list as someone to meet in person.
    Thks Again

  6. PhillyTomcat says:

    Cool, we both like Egg’s , LOL

  7. Cris Martin says:

    Hi Wendy <3 The egg salad I do on occasion as well, mama rose told me about
    Kim's Magic Pop (1 piece cal 15 carbs 3 protein 0) I bought the onion
    flavor so I will put a small amount of egg salad on one for lunch today. A
    quick summer grab meal for me is starkist yellowfin tuna in extra virgin
    olive oil (comes in a pouch) I just open & eat it don't add any thing to
    it. (1 pouch cal 190 carbs 0.5grams protein 18) Thanks, great video. Hugs

  8. MsBeautifulalicia says:

    Thank u so much Wendy I been feeling frustrated and stuck. Def gonna try
    some of these!!! Thanks

  9. 6yakira says:

    i wish i could eat hard boiled eggs but i can’t eat hard boil eggs,only
    eggwhites .hard boiled eggs they make me sick ,good ideas.

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