Proof WLS Works w/ BandedWendy: Did I Mourn Food?

Proof WLS Works w/ BandedWendy:  Did I Mourn Food?

did I or do I mourn certain foods? how did i deal with the emotional loss of certain foods and quantity of foods? Did I get depressed during the pre op or post op liquid diet?

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  1. remixingme says:

    I weigh EVERYTHING too. Have you ever had hemp seeds or Chia seeds on your

  2. TheReduxLife says:

    Oh and I LOOOOVE Chicken Tikka Massala, with Keema Nan!!! One of my
    favorite meals…well, it used to be. Lol!

  3. TheReduxLife says:

    Thanks for discussing this topic. I believe this might be the question I
    asked. It is certainly my biggest issue post vsg: mourning the loss of
    food. I spent a lot of time researching the surgical procedure but not
    nearly enough on what life might be like after surgery. Im now 3 months
    post op n the mourning is not as bad, but it’s still there. Alas, such is
    my journey! And I still have no regrets. 😉

  4. ProofWLSWorks says:

    that was my very first PROOF vid back in 2009. it is on the right hand side
    of this page (at least on my computer) i am wearing a baseball cap. check
    it out.

  5. GhrelinBgone says:

    🙂 …and then the food is done. This was a good topic to discuss! Good

  6. lesliethiel says:

    Thirteen yrs post op RNY…what you say is spot on. I was a big eater. To
    this day, I still on occassion…like now, when someone brings it up, I
    miss eating a big plate of spaghetti, half a loaf of garlic bread and a big
    glass of milk. But it’s fleeting. We’re all different and we figure out
    what works and how to deal with it. Conditioning helps…. Hugs and thanks
    for sharing. 🙂

  7. Dianne RawGirl says:

    just remember chia seeds really need to be soaked before
    consuming,otherwise trouble can arise….they soak up lots of liquid….its
    a digestive thing.

  8. passionmacmakeup86 says:

    I like this video

  9. LookOutWorld100 says:

    Question for discussion: what was your breaking point that lead you to
    weight loss surgery?

  10. lilsqrt75 says:

    wow, great video. took some good mental notes on this one. thank you for

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