PROOF WLS WORKS: Food Choices – How Do You Make Them w/BandedWendy

PROOF WLS WORKS:  Food Choices - How Do You Make Them w/BandedWendy

In this weeks vlog I answer: 1. Do you plan your meals/snacks in advance 2. Do you read nutritional labels when you shop and choose what to put in your shopping cart and bring into your…
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25 Responses

  1. Cledra McCullers says:

    really appreciated the invitation to get rid of shame…such an important
    message thanks

  2. jamaica hurd says:

    love your video,explain your 10 to 1 ratio.thanks

  3. DoriT says:

    good video! this helped me thank you!!!

  4. AmalCPhT says:

    I have horrible issues with guilt and shame when I eat the wrong foods
    (which as you know…happens every other week). I’m working on not letting
    it get to me so bad and just riding the wave that this journey is taking me
    on. I’m still losing…I’m just losing differently that someone who can
    stay stellar every day. Great suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

  5. ProofWLSWorks says:


  6. ProofWLSWorks says:

    i have a video on this channel about my vitmamins. search bandedwendy

  7. ckrtom2 . says:

    It’s always interesting hearing about your PROCESS and I love your broad
    words of wisdom–because even as a non-WLS patient, I continually learn
    from you… I found it actually pretty profound your talking about your
    husband taking two hours to study labels at the store. Changing one’s way
    of eating and shopping is indeed an educational process and we have to
    change how we think about and deal with food…You have a great weekend too.

  8. nolitar82 says:

    Great video. I like that you posted about the shame after eating and
    chnging your mentality!

  9. ProofWLSWorks says:

    great, happy to read that!

  10. ProofWLSWorks says:

    thank you much!!!

  11. katwljourney says:


  12. CYRINTHIA212 says:


  13. Cary Gray says:

    Awesome as always! Thanks Wendy!

  14. ProofWLSWorks says:

    you are welcome. thanks for watching!

  15. ProofWLSWorks says:

    you are welcome. thanks for joining me.

  16. ProofWLSWorks says:

    thanks. continuous education in my world.

  17. ProofWLSWorks says:


  18. HealthSeekerNot2Late says:

    Thanks for another great video! Judith

  19. ProofWLSWorks says:


  20. ProofWLSWorks says:

    you are welcome. thanks for joining me.

  21. Diana Shrinking says:

    Great video! Helped a lot! Thanks!

  22. ProofWLSWorks says:

    thanks for joining me and sharing too.

  23. rainsh01 says:

    Thanks for the video! I’m listening and nodding my head.

  24. sndvl9702 says:

    I always get good info from your videos. Thanks Wendy!

  25. Lisa Aydin says:

    Me too but I love what she says and I listen to it over and over again.

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