Proof that So Called Freeman Stuff works

How one freeman had the guts and tested the courts.

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5 Responses

  1. Ray Trusty says:

    You doubters are just not getting it are you…..these people are trying to
    reveal the corruption of corporate law….its not for you to sit there as
    arm chair philosophers casting your negative shit around….With regards to
    asking for proof of oath…. I would just focus on the procurator…..”Who
    do you represent today; Queen Elizabeth 2nd or the crown corporation of the
    Inner city of London” persist with this question until the procurator
    realises that nothing is happening until they answer that. They do not like
    their conveyer belt of village idiots being held up on a Monday
    morning….If they refuse to answer…demand proof of contract, because the
    Crown can only ever operate under contracts…

  2. foldaset says:

    Great footage of a green floor, you may as well have been in any clerical
    office talking to someone. This isn’t proof, someone should have a tiny
    pen camera that can actually record what’s going on instead of all this
    floor footage.

  3. Paul light says:

    Nope dont see any proof here..and you walked away when she was speaking to
    you at the end, Yeah man told her straight :@ ..Let us see the court
    letters now and the fines and the decrees against you. CLOWN

  4. MrSiddique1971 says:

    What ever happened to this Sovereign man did he get a warrant for his

  5. Sandra Howard says:

    b so proud of your self god bless i wish there was more people like you god

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