PROFESSIONAL CUDDLER (New York woman cuddles people for $80 dollars per hour)

A New York woman has transformed cuddling – the age-old show of physical affection — into a professional business. Ali C., who for privacy reasons would not give out her full name, started…

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11 Responses

  1. blerideejay says:
  2. Scar A says:

    Hahahahaha. This is fucking hilarious. Women using their brains the only
    way they can, prostitution.

  3. stray kira says:

    I thought love is priceless ..-_-

  4. ltcajh says:

    There’s no emotion there, so what’s the point? I say, get a wife!
    Do they have a gun if somebody gets fresh?

  5. Graham Friedman says:

    GOOD GOD!! Its a female nicholas cage!!

  6. edi2003 says:

    $80 an hr u can at least afford a nightstand 

  7. GirlFeetSniffer4U says:

    I would not be able to do this without getting horny. 

  8. Leslie Burkes says:

    that clever trick is getting paid more than these stupid whores who
    sometimes have to spend a whole night just to make 80 bucks… lol

  9. Dr.Micheal Ambrose says:

    I would pay her to cuddle me, then 10 minutes in i would whisper “I have
    the weirdest boner right now”

  10. Dre Ray says:

    …It does look really soothing..

  11. Ateu Cu says:

    She’s completely wrong! Love isn’t touch, actually. Damn…

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