Pre-Op -Introducing bandingbunny !

Pre-Op -Introducing bandingbunny !

Here I am! Hello!! I’m Maria and I’m heading towards a lapband, probably within 4 to 6 weeks time (I have my “get the date” appointment on April 12th)! Two years ago my doctor told me I should…

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23 Responses

  1. SeliendaSmiles says:

    @bandingbunny Aww I’m glad!! You got it girly and againnn remember !! Your
    beautifulll!!! ~SeliendaSmiles~

  2. malika585 says:

    You seem really sweet and genuine. Just relax and take it a day at a time.
    All the best for your mission.

  3. bandingbunny says:

    @MissJJinVA Wow, by the end of this month you’ll be banded – actually 20
    days before me! I’ll have to put it on my calendar 🙂 I feel blessed that
    some pre-op folk like yourself are tuning in. I’m looking forward to
    checking out your channel. Love it that you said Hi too, bless you & stay
    in touch! 🙂

  4. bandingbunny says:

    @ocs874 Thanks for leaving a comment.. I appreciate every single one 🙂

  5. SeliendaSmiles says:

    Your beautiful sweet heart<3333 I almost cried don't let anyone tell you
    different<33333 ~SeliendaSmiles~

  6. bandingbunny says:

    @Sweetctygrl Thank You, it means a lot. Hey you’re the first one to leave a
    comment on my actual video, yay! 🙂

  7. Melissa Walters Millan says:

    you are a beautiful person! I look forward to sharing your journey with
    you! just be brave and strong you can do this! I had my realizeband surgery
    03-04*2010! so far it is ok I am hoping it will get better after i get
    filled! anyway good luck to you!

  8. shmuli9 says:

    Were you able to lose some mass?

  9. destinywolfe says:

    im the heaviest ive ever been and im only 19. i am feeling just the way
    you’re feeling in this video. 🙁

  10. ocs874 says:

    Your making me cry, your so honest!!! your going to do great. I had the
    lapband done 6/1/09 and I am down 65lbs…. Your so right in your video,
    you have to work at it so much. Please subscribe to bandedwendy she is such
    a motivation. When ever I am down in a funk I watch her and I get lifted
    and inspired. Good Luck!!!!!!

  11. bandingbunny says:

    @MissJJinVA Not long to go now!! How are you feeling?

  12. Yvonne Abrams says:

    Hi Bunny, we are on the same time-line. I see the surgeon on the 19th to
    proceed to my next step. This community is great. Lots of good advise and
    support here. Stay positive we will get through this together

  13. Rose Polcino says:

    You are so pretty.How sad you are being so overweight.Everything has
    changed now. You are on a journey to a better healthier life.Your surgery
    will be here sooner than you think.I look forward to watching you….Take

  14. bandingbunny says:

    @SeliendaSmiles Thank you so much.. I know when I first read this comment
    (on my phone at work).. it was sooo uplifting! <3 It's nice to have people
    to support me, thanks SeliendaSmiles! 🙂

  15. bandingbunny says:

    @TheJamieBurger Jamie.. you’re a God send.. truly. Thank you. Through
    reading your comment (and being uplifted), I checked out your channel and
    saw you’d favourited Wendy’s goal video (a vid I didn’t know existed as I
    have been sooo quiet the last 3 weeks).. and I cried as I watched it. So
    I’ve had this sudden injection of hope and joy this morning.. thank you! I
    will post an update soon 🙂 And I WILL hang in there… great advice.. and
    so timely.. bless you 🙂

  16. TheJamieBurger says:

    youre going to do well. don’t worry. just think, this video will be ancient
    hstory one day and perhaps already is. hang in there! Im going to
    subscribe. i have felt the same way SO many times!!

  17. bandingbunny says:

    @rosebush555 Hi Rose, what lovely comments, thank you! I look forward to
    catching up with you too on your channel. Thanks for watching my video &
    deciding to stick around.. I’m really encouraged by that & look forward to
    having you around! 🙂

  18. anjula subedi says:

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    Code. You are bound to get the income you deserve.

  19. bandingbunny says:

    @melseladr08 Hey, your comment showed up twice and one was marked as spam?
    I marked it ‘not spam’ & deleted the extra comment because it was identical
    to the first one. Thanks for watching my 1st vid & for your encouraging
    words 😀 It’ll be a pleasure to have you along on my journey. Please share
    about yourself too along the way 🙂

  20. bandingbunny says:

    @neya315 Hey thanks so much for watching & leaving a comment 🙂 It’s a
    pleasure to be on the same timeline as you.. I hope it’ll benefit us
    mutually as we go forth & change our lives! I just posted my 2nd vid..
    (much shorter than the 1st) – & it’s there I share my date news. Positivity
    is important, you’re so right 🙂

  21. Sweetctygrl says:

    Hello Maria, I think you’re very brave to share your emotions with us. I
    look forward to seeing your progress.

  22. bandingbunny says:

    @neya315 Hey.. have you proceeded to the next step yet? I haven’t viewed
    any vid’s in the last week or so because our internet slowed down and it
    was impossible. Once we exceed our download limit.. we can barely download
    emails! It rarely happens..but anyway.. I’m back! Keen to know how you’re

  23. bandingbunny says:

    @ocs874 Sorry for the delay in replying! I’ve been frustrated with really
    slow internet for nearly 2 weeks! Things are back to normal now. I was
    already watching bandedwendy before I even started my channel.. but I
    appreciate the sentiment! It’s so helpful to go along on other people’s
    journey’s.. this community is a blessing.

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