Police: Still Don’t Know How Suspect Died in MD

Police: Still Don't Know How Suspect Died in MD

Baltimore police released videos Monday showing the arrest of a man who died of a severe spinal injury suffered in police custody. Six officers have been suspended, but investigators say they…
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21 Responses

  1. tracehd1 says:

    Liar!!!! He couldn’t walk to the van asshole!!!! Piece of shit liar!!! 

  2. pauline hogness-richardson says:

    They broke his neck before the takedown. He could NOT even sit up which is
    indicative of a THORACIC BREAK. I would say his T4 or T5 was severed like a
    saw as the idiots DRAGGED him into the van. TIK TOK ASSHOLES

  3. crinoid1919 says:


  4. Georgio Cheung says:

    Welcome to USA. Our police kill & cover up their own crimes 

  5. Judd Hurst says:

    Why do we even need police in their current state. We need to pull their
    teeth reaffirm out bill of rights and put these fuckers back in there place
    as servants not judge Dread. 

  6. cheekyoziechick says:

    Human lives mean nothing. Admit it. You train them.. that says enough.

  7. Andrae Lawrence says:

    If after you see the man can’t walk because his spine was broken by cops
    then he dies in police custody? What’s so so unclear? That’s call murder!
    They can only get away with it as long as the victims and their families
    and supporters allow them.

  8. vash392 says:

    Everyone knows this is bullshit why are they trying to pull one over on

    Do they actually think people are dumb

  9. Timothy Love says:

    psycho rogue cops in baltimore?

  10. Peppe Ddu says:

    Bottom line
    – No video: “It’s the guy’s fault”
    – No video + massive injury: “It’s a mystery”
    – Incriminating Video: “Maybe we need to suspend the cop”

    The police needs to be held *even more* accountable than regular citizens,
    because they are in a position of power. Not the other way around.

  11. Johnny Anderson says:
  12. theguyisinthailand says:

    I like the ‘conspiracy theory’ that it could NOT have happened during the
    arrest of Mr. Freddy Gray… Police carried him with his leg dragging after
    being pinned down for several minutes. See what happens when cops go all
    out defending wrong doers and then when issues are questionably, the same
    speech is repeated. No creditability is what cities/departments seem to
    seek out these days.

  13. Kathy Adams says:

    What a puzzle! Gee whiz! What the heck could have happened? He went in the
    van and he was fine. He came out of the van, he was paralyzed. There must
    be…something… he did to himself.. in the van. Because what else could
    it be? It is just so darn puzzling. Too bad there wasn’t a cell phone
    recording what happened because there is just no way to explain it!

  14. CarlVanDoren says:

    Mr. Gray fought the law and the law WON!!

  15. LibertyNotLicense says:

    Yet another murder.
    The time of public officials talking being sufficient is far over.
    Now is time to immediately, and with all diligence, fix it.
    Right now.

  16. TheHoodedHead says:

    You mean “exactly, blow by blow” how it happened. We ALL KNOW what
    happened, his spine was broken and he was killed by scum pigs!!

  17. Marflaxen says:

    They pursued him because he ran. The question should be why did he run. Did
    he just start running for no reason? Why do people think they can outrun
    the police? What was he trying to hide. I’m not a white conservative but I
    truly believe these people put themselves in these dumb ass situations.

  18. lynda514 says:

    The body language of all those speaking at the press conference was guilty

  19. Margin Walker says:

    Hmmmm, Sounds Legit

  20. talesin- god of the internet says:

    he went in mr gray and came out mr black and blue

  21. Bluefootedbooby says:

    Look at the police commissioner Tony Batts, he has a couple of domestic
    violence cases that were swept under the rug in California.

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