BIKE VS COP Police Chase Motorcycle Messing With The Cops Gets Instant Karma Caught On Video Tape. Motorcycle chase accident street bike crashes running from the cops. Motorcycle stunt riding.
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23 Responses

  1. Charles Letang says:

    @ 1:07 the crossers to your right were the only reason the car turning in
    front of you didn’t kill you. You are very fortunate and very stupid.

  2. Juice says:

    So funny to see all the angry bikers try to justify this behavior as being
    okay. Meanwhile in reality they are putting normal innocent people lives at
    risk who are just trying to drive down a busy road probably home to their
    families. All it takes is for a car to slowly pull out from a driveway
    because sometimes cars actually do that. It would be hard to fault the
    driver pulling out of the driveway when the biker is doing over 100 mph
    down a street with traffic. Then it’s over for the biker and possibly the
    driver of the car. Is that worth it for a stupid sticker that NOBODY cares
    about including the police? Somebody didn’t get enough attention growing

  3. johnfalcon84 says:

    Nice to leave prints on that sticky sticker.

    I’m guessing they would take the time to check the prints if the bike is
    stolen. Felony and all, right? Plus where did the video come from?

  4. BLOX STARZ TV says:

    NEW VIDEO Motorcycle Running From The Cops Crashes Into Curb!!! Please
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  5. 6Foot4Honda says:

    dumbass. hope he gets caught one day

  6. sand niggu says:

    would be smarter to pay the fine and sell your bike instead of leaving it.
    At least there was a profit

  7. John Youssef says:

    Something I don’t get. If he ditched the bike- couldn’t they just use the
    plate number or VIN to find out where this guy lives? Or did her perhaps
    use the “You can’t prove it was me” excuse? I’m sorry, but this guy brought
    everything upon him self- for once, the cops weren’t bothering them

  8. QueenGoesYT says:

    someone call mensa!

  9. Shankovich says:

    Sound pretty scared after 2:00 you little pussy. Go back and put another
    sticker mr. I got balls. Lucky that car and the crossing didn’t clip you,
    you’d be dead right now. Idiot,

  10. Brad b says:

    Bet he didn’t do a anything like this agin!

  11. jhon trollston says:

    One fall and these bikes fuck up and cost you almost 3 to 9 grand. That’s
    why these things suck

  12. Phillip Whipple says:

    What a dumbass, you should learn to ride and do it following the laws. You
    don’t have a very long life expectancy Moron. 

  13. TedWinni says:

    LOL at the start you hear him say “video this” hahahaa then when he falls
    off( he didn’t see that curb lol?) he screaming and holding onto the bike
    (GO GO GO)

  14. thetriggerhappypwner says:

    Biker myself. Doing this was a very silly thing to do. He could have
    ultimately killed himself or a pedestrian crossing the street. This will
    teach him a lesson. His bike was no doubt crushed by the police, but
    surely the police could have traced him from the bikes licence plates? In
    the UK, it is law that a vehicle has to be registered to someone, a company
    or an individual, otherwise, it is illegally on the roads and will be
    seized and destroyed by police as it would not be insured.

  15. WNKPAG says:

    white trash on bikes, why even put on your brakes, you ever heard of the
    word bunny hopping. pop a wheelie and go over the fucking curb.

  16. ooJ3RMo says:

    no gloves & no jacket… Bummer

  17. David Campione says:

    Love all these fag bikers flexing, once that thermal image hits you on the
    alert helicopter your booked into county. Once the helicopter finds you
    they just guide police right to your location for surrounding. No escaping
    cops in all directions, maybe one behind you sure. Happend to a buddy.

  18. sanshinron says:

    Only noobs don’t know how to bunny hop ^^

  19. Chris Donavon says:

    What an idiot. If he would’ve just hoped on the back of someone elses bike
    and left his he could have reported his stolen a lil later. Insurance pays
    for bike, he gets off running from the cops

  20. Mtb Life says:

    Did he ride is ow. Bike away or jump onto another cant really tell 

  21. Jared Cunha says:

    What a dumb ass

  22. rafael marquez says:

    Hahah! Fkn fail what a dumbass lol that shit made me laugh

  23. Иван Гриценко says:


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