Play Doh Chomposaurus Dinosaur T-Rex Play-Doh Jungle Pets Animal Volcano Monkey Play Dough

Play Doh Chomposaurus T Rex playset by Hasbro. Dinosaur t-rex Chomposaurus Play-Doh set features play doh animals from a prehistoric world. The Chomposaurus Play Dough set comes with …

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21 Responses

  1. DisneyCarToys says:
  2. Evie Marsden says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  3. Null says:

    why so many dislikes???

  4. Ghena Ramsay says:

    You no a lot about dinisors

  5. tambenitin says:

    Check out this video on YouTube

  6. Michael Halbasch says:

    Where did you get that? And is it easy to make?

  7. Jaroslav Loch says:

    To je píča řekne že styracosauru je stegosaurus

  8. Greg Turner says:


  9. Christopher Stream says:
  10. Carlo Rame says:

    Hi l am mia and l am 9. I love your show. 

  11. Loraine Connor says:


  12. jennibbe pantilano says:
  13. shale paragas says:

    ft rhiui yigg drkhjgmfni. j. tf I h b ub ijbfrgxcruhr

  14. lory jo ramos says:
  15. ylpbassman says:

    It WAS a valcano

  16. Jorge Casanova says:
  17. Angela Hudson says:

    I like dinos !

  18. jailo pangilinan says:
  19. Joy Tuhumury says:
  20. Melissa Perez says:
  21. Luz Diaz says:

    to be honest the dinos died cuz the meat eater at each other so the became

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