plastic bottle mouse trap (패트병 쥐덫)

Homemade rat trap * Can be made very easily * The material is simple * PET Bottle recycling * Trap animals My blog ; http://blog.naver….
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25 Responses

  1. 민박선 says:

    day 5: i got trapped in the bottle

  2. CIV EDM says:

    Awesome way to re-purpose plastic bottles. 

  3. Peter Wilhelmsson says:

    I’m saving this knowledge for post-apocalyptic life.

  4. Kikyo4815 says:

    Really remarkable idea for a relatively humane mouse trap! The only issue I
    can see is that the mouse would probably be able to chew through the
    plastic if you don’t get to it in time. Maybe one could set it up to make
    more noise when the trap goes off.

  5. Jong-Chool Do says:
  6. kai dan says:

    i don’t understand how to set up the paperclip? Someone helps me plz

  7. BeardedJustice says:

    I absolutely love this trap. It does no harm to the mice, and it’s metal
    free, so you can just throw the little bastard in the microwave later!

  8. Praz94 says:

    Now what you do is take the bottle outside poke a small hole in the cap,
    and put a funnel in and slowly start pouring in acid 

  9. abdulrazzag alrayyis says:

    This is awesome and ethical, normal mouse traps are disgustingly inhumane,
    they kill them unnecessarily and in such a horrible way. If you have a rat
    problem then catch them and release them somewhere away from humans.

  10. laurie vara says:

    I made this when I caught the rat I took a bat and smashed

  11. Wiz Wag says:

    Did he leave it in the woods? If he let it starve in the garbage that’s
    fucking unhuminate! You seriously need help if you are being so cruel, I
    will seriously have nightmares about that little mouse looking into the
    camera with its ute eyes… I just sometimes feel ashamed of being a human

  12. uni dewi says:


    uni jalan2 ke youtube nemu ini teman2…kalo ada yang pengen cobain
    silahkan…uni sendiri belum cobain kok…wong tikusnya ngak ono ..heheheh
    met pagi ..n met ngopi

  13. Mohammad M says:

    heres a better idea.
    trap it, leave it in there, and if your bored, poke the bottle with a stick
    to hear it shriek!

  14. saurabh kumar says:

    Sir i love you(not in gay way)

  15. Looneek says:

    До чего только не додумаются эти китайцы!

  16. Myconerd says:

    Leave those rats alone!! All creatures are worth loving!

  17. Seba92000 says:

    Mouse will handle with it easily – just a sharp teeth and 15 minutes, when
    you aren’t at home or you are under shower. The End.

  18. ahmed Zini says:

    good idea
    thank you

  19. Roobz Z says:

    there is a much, much, MUCH easier way of making a plastic bottle

  20. Taron Singleton says:

    Wow, that’s clever – AND humane – but not practical. What all of you FOOLS
    don’t seem to realize is this: “That damn mouse” that you think you see
    every night in your kitchen is very likely to be (in reality) SEVERAL mice.
    They don’t live alone. Mice are opportunists and they survive off of the
    crumbs on your counter tops, kitchen floors, and under your sofa. Best
    solution in my opinion: CLEAN YOUR HOUSE BETTER. (Hence, no mice to
    kill….or trap. #Think ) 

  21. The Winged Kebab says:

    Instructions weren’t clear enough. Got my dick stuck in my combined time
    machine and microwave whilst dubbing 1970’s hentai in my aunts garage.
    Please make part 2.

  22. Bart Bols says:

    the mice is so cute <3

  23. Anglo Saxon says:

    You violated his/her ‘mouse rights’ by entrapment and loss of freedom. lol
    He’s entitled to live because he has an extended family. lol

    Good trap!

  24. Ηλεκτρολόγος Μηχανικός says:
  25. koriethegiraffe says:

    omg this is the best idea!!!

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