Photosynthesis (Light Reactions)

The NDSU Virtual Cell Animation Project presents ‘Photosynthesis – The Light Reactions’. For more information please see Photosynthesis is the means by which…
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25 Responses

  1. CmPuke101 says:

    pukester dont understand its so unpg
    i bet cm punk maked this hard to understand to fool the poor pg puke 🙁
    cm punk sucks
    ryback is a legend

  2. Martin Sun says:

    1:30 haha that looks funny

  3. babak says:

    why do i need to know this shit? oh i know absolutely no reason… 

  4. Parinitha Maben says:

    Wow this just makes everything so clear and makes perfect sense! 🙂 Its
    great to have such videos to study with!

  5. The13thGuest says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words; a video maybe a million.

  6. Domanique Porter says:


  7. Raisham Shahzad says:


  8. Tommy Jun says:

    @M Pari
    the radiation and light energy is converted to resonance and other energies

  9. Hamass Ali says:
  10. ANTHONY SMITH says:

    helped me pass my 7th grade bio test very good.

  11. Michal Twardowski says:

    That makes so much more sense. I had no clue why the photons were necessary
    to excite P700 but now it makes total sense thank you! 

  12. Shivani Jagtap says:

    very interesting

  13. Banki Pati says:

    Wonderful!just a little type of energy gives the growth &make a huge tree

  14. M Pari says:

    very detailed

  15. M Pari says:

    @ 2:12 “this creates resonance energy”. what creates resonance energy?

  16. Bader Omar says:

    I think you got the gradient flipped no? should be a higher proton count
    inside the lumen

  17. Abhishek Chakraborty says:

    Crystal Clear 🙂 :)

  18. judojudojudo94 says:

    Amazing video, explains 20 pages of my university book in only 5 minutes!

  19. Kateryna Zhukova says:

    excellent and simple. All these extra stuff from my biochemistry book made
    me wonder what is a bigger picture of how these 2 systems work?))) now, it
    is clear, and I can start working on the details.

  20. foreverteuk says:

    Finally see the big picture. I have been struggling for too long

  21. Nmeli Anene says:

    Thank you so much

  22. S0lidSpy24 says:

    Very good vid

  23. Thanula Wickramasinghe says:

    nice video………

  24. Rozz Trujillo says:

    super claro

  25. Taylor Nguyen says:

    Lets get ready for the bio test

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