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A quick discussion about flash brackets for bird photography. Please be sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel. Glenn Bartley is a professional nature photographer who focuses…
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  1. Maximilian Imaging says:

    Nice tut, Glen! I look forward to more.

  2. William Freedberg says:

    Great vid! I see that Custom Brackets has a ton of models, but I don’t see
    any particular one mentioned here or on your website– which specific one
    do you recommend?
    Thanks again for sharing tips so generously- your articles are really

  3. Anthony Gordon says:

    Great Video Thanks for the instruction. btw i spent 320$. You kind of get
    what you pay for in the photo world. 

  4. freddyronny says:

    Great review, but honestly 250 dollars for a few bits of metal and a few
    screws. That’s kind of ridiculous, it’s no rocket science!

  5. bltruscott1 says:

    Welcome to photography.

  6. brzpicnic says:

    Hi Glenn. Great video as usual. Just thought I’d share some info. you may
    find interesting….I have a Canon 400/2.8 lens and just started using the
    “Acratech Long Lens Head”…it cost a lot less than my gimbal head and is
    not only really small, but weighs less than 1 lb. Considering it is so
    light and small compared to the gimbal head and works just as well, it
    seems really superior. It also works as a great regular tripod head, so I
    don’t need to carry another head for all the other stuff

  7. Alfredo Fernández says:


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