Phone guy faked his death? five nights at freddy’s theory

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25 Responses

  1. CrazyCocktailz says:

    I don’t remember who figured this out, but Phone Guy most likely faked
    his death. Look at the knocking from Foxy. Here is how it works:
    First knock: Removes 1% of power
    Second knock: Removes an extra 6% of power
    Third knock: Removes an extra 11% of power and so on…
    There were 9 groups of knocks, so…
    1 + 6 + 11 + 16 + 21 + 26 + 31 + 36 + 41 = 189.
    That means 189% of the power was used. But that’s impossible. Which leads
    me to believe Phone Guy faked his death.

  2. Noelle Chappel says:

    How come if Phone Guy dies in the first game, he calls in the second game?

  3. Stampylamafacehead says:

    Hey guys! I got a theory that phone guy is NOT faking his death!(And that
    chica killed the phone guy) So basically,he begins with 99%. And tfe right
    door is closed otherwise how can Foxy be knocking on the door. That
    eliminates him faking his death! Plus of course Freddy is in the kitchen
    otherwise why dont we hear the sound when we run out of power? That
    eliminates him running out of power. Now the only thing that is left is GF
    and Chica. Okay now can it be GF? The thing is possibly. But i have a
    feeling that GF is in the kitchen too. So that eliminates him from being
    killed by GF. So now Chica is left. Somehow, he left the left door opened
    and we can hear Chica moaning(or somethin).At that time, he said oh no
    because he could not shut the left door. He thought that pulling up the cam
    will work. But he got killed so basically, he is NOT faking his death and
    that Chica killed phone guy. Who agrees say #agree

  4. Mangled fox says:

    It was Chica.

    Killed Phone guy

    In the 4th night call, we hear Foxy’s banging, Freddy’s song, Golden
    Freddy’s scream, and Chica/Bonnie’s moaning. We know, that since Foxy is
    banging on the left door, Bonnie cannot be in the office. (otherwise, the
    left door could not possibly have been shut.) He can’t be in the hallway
    either, because if Foxy is in the hallway, Bonnie isn’t. That takes Bonnie
    out of the question.

    We don’t hear the odd noises that pop up when Golden Freddy appears, so
    that takes him out of the question. Also, it’s possible another animatronic
    could’ve produced his scream.

    Now we eliminate Freddy. If Foxy was banging on the door, that means the
    power was still on. You’re probably thinking, “But we still hear Freddy’s
    song. This theory is retarded.” Freddy’s song will play sometimes if he is
    in the kitchen. We know that Freddy was in the kitchen, so he could not
    have killed Phone Guy.

    Foxy was banging on the door. If he was banging on the door, he obviously
    didn’t get in. That eliminates him.

    So, if we take all the evidence we have here, we can prove that Chica was
    the killer. You’re welcome.

    I didn’t make say this i found it but i’m just spreading it.

  5. DoodleDimensions says:

    Okay. Let me help. Foxy only goes on the left side, and was banging on the
    door, so that means the left door was closed. Freddy was playing Toreador
    March, but he also only appears on the left, and the door was closed.
    Therefore, the only place Freddy could be, was the Kitchen. Another place
    where he plays Toreador March. Since there was a moaning noise, that means
    either Bonnie or Chica was at the door. The left door was closed, so it had
    to be Chica who was moaning. So Chica killed Phone Guy? There was a scream
    at the end. Only Golden Freddy can scream. Some people believe Golden
    Freddy was a hallucination. The killer can only be Chica, or Golden Freddy.

  6. Epona Lps says:

    Five nights at Freddy’s 2 is a prequel.
    That’s why people think that phone guy “faked” his death.
    So this means that fnaf 1 was after the 2nd.
    There are some things that can actually tell you that it’s a prequel when
    coming to conclusions.
    1. Bite of 87, remember in the first game phone guy mentioned the bite?
    Well, on the second game it shows on your check (forgot the numbers but I
    know the end is 87) 11-?-87
    That shows that the bite was in the second game making it a prequel. See
    how some conclusions help to identify the game closely?

    2. Scott Cawthon did in fact make this game very mysterious. But what I
    conclude is that on the newspaper that was given to you on the 2nd game
    phone guy mentions on the last night that your last job is a birthday
    party. Ah! But remember when phone guy said that the animatronics were able
    to walk during the day? Then he mentioned the bite of 87. But what might
    get others puzzled is that the newspaper said it would close down forever.
    You see how time periods are in fact tricky. Diner, Pizzeria, restuaunt!
    Very hard to figure out.

    Thats my theory

  7. delmar wilson says:

    He faked his death because how is he alive In The 2nd game then? Some body
    can’t die then come back alive. And in night 3 in fnaf 1 he says HEY! I
    have an idea maybe you could at dead.

  8. Pooinyourshoe says:

    did anyone think he died well no he’s in fnaf 2 if he died then there would
    no be phone guy in fnaf 2 exept for night 7 on fnaf 2 because on night 7
    your the phone guy that’s why theres no phone guy in night 7

  9. Brianna Sellers says:

    What about Golden Freddy? you can hear his death scream and if Foxy is
    banging the Door, then the doors must be closed, and he probably hears
    Freddys power out song from the Glass trying to tempt him to come out, and
    you can hear Bonnie moan and Chica making clucking noises, he’s most likely
    been barricaded in his office waiting for the power to drain but GF gets
    him instead

  10. BigRedYoshiFan says:

    I think that phone guy was talking to someone at 11:58 and by the time that
    they finished it was was 12:01 and phone guy saw foxy running down the hall
    way and ran for the office he closed both doors in fear if Freddy was
    coming to the right he closed the right door too but foxy was hitting the
    door and he’s power meter was at 

  11. oheen abtahi says:

    Have any of you guys though that maybe Scott put in these details and
    didn’t really think about it I’m not criticizing you but there are way to
    many details for no reason to point out

  12. Kimberly phillips says:

    I agree since in everygame he talks on the phone. even the third game

  13. Bastian Mathison says:

    Phone guy must have not died because I have never heard foxy
    Banging the door

  14. ⍚ FabulousShark AJ ⍙ says:

    Foxy banging on his door, freddy playing his song, BONNIE MOANING and
    Golden freddy kills him. TOTALLY FAKE

  15. Jaden Carey says:

    He has a horrible voice!

  16. Billy Taramas says:

    Check out this video on YouTube



  17. Micah Formantes says:

    I shall disprove this theory cause Five Night’s 2 is a prequel 

  18. Abigail Coyne says:

    He faked it.

    Ignore the anamatronics for a second. We should know by now the FNAF2 was
    prequel. Ok, so that call, came BEFORE the other calls made in FNAF1. There
    is no theory I have seen saying the phone guy(s) are two different people.

    Ok, the anatronics make sense of people saying Chica killed the phone guy.
    I would agree, if I didn’t think about both FNAF1 and 2.

  19. roselyn adame says:

    All i know is this that if u see a fnaf two song
    Its been so long if u saw that then at the end u
    Could see that phone guy was killing the children
    Cause that was the animatronics after the phone guy
    Killed all the children cause that the kids were
    Balloon boy toy chica toy bonnie and toy freddy
    Those kids were chosen to be animatronics and
    The way they got killed was the phone guy stoled the
    Freddy costume and killed more children that was gonna be
    Stuffed in the fnaf costumes

  20. Whit PlayinMC says:

    I think the phone guy is purple guy in fnaf 1 and you are him in fnaf 2.

  21. the roblox player vargas says:

    Golden Freddy acted like ,foxy, bonnie, chica, including Freddy. Sense he
    is the gold version of Freddy and the phone guy is the purple guy an pg
    hacked them so they won’t kill him including golden Freddy and hung the
    phone and escaped the place… Home get it now thx!

  22. Ponycar66-k says:

    It makes sense if the phone guy is purple guy. So if he is purple guy it
    would be hard for him to be springtrap. But if purple guy is not phone guy
    then phone guy is probably dead.

  23. adam Burgess says:

    Hay prettygrumpybear I hate your video’s

  24. PiggyMc' Cool says:

    I believe Golden Bonnie killed him

  25. Journey Williams says:

    I know foxy was banging on the door but who yarned in the background no one
    knows. But I want to know who killed him I think foxy,golden Freddy and

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