Perspective Art Lesson – How To Draw People In Perspective – Stick Figure Drawing In Perspective

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22 Responses

  1. Candy Brown says:

    Wonderful! This video brought back so many memories of art class in High
    School. We were working on perspectives when they fired our teacher.
    Because he was gay. This was early 70s. We knew we didn’t care he was
    wonderful teacher.

  2. Thomashathawaytrotterhorse Watson Jr. says:

    Dear Mr. Ethan I am writing you to ask if you could extend the deadline for
    your perspective tutorial until November. As I haven’t the money until
    after the 31st of October. Thank you very much.

  3. Cherry Perry. says:

    thank you

  4. denise smith says:

    I like that nice and straightforward. 

  5. HentaiSweetie says:

    So children would be an exception to the eyes at the horizon line rule yes?
    And would you make tall peoples eyes above the horizon line?

  6. My Drawing Tutorials says:

    The WRONG Way and The RIGHT Way To Draw Groups Of People In Perspective – Perspective
    Art Lesson How To Draw People In Perspective – Stick Figure Drawing In

  7. Julie jmommymom says:

    I showed your video to my children, ages 6, 10 and 12 today and then we
    tried the technique. It worked great.They loved it. Thank you so much. I
    look forward to checking out your other videos and website. – Julie –

  8. ArchOfficial says:

    The horizon line can be offset from the camera’s focused point of view.

    It is false to think of the horizon line and center of view as the same
    thing, or at least problematic.

  9. Jeison De Souza says:


  10. Suzanne Waters says:

    Perfect…I have been looking for just this. At the end when you talk about
    making each figure their own unique height and weight as in reality,
    although in the same position, will this mean that if they are short that
    their eyes will then be beneath the horizon line? Again, thank you so much
    for this very helpful video!!

  11. AmiMizuno2 says:

    What if the horizon line is outside?

  12. Rudolph Bosch says:

    Very informative! Thank you VERY much for sharing. Kind regards, Rudi

  13. 홍 연기 says:

    Thank You from Korea

  14. My Drawing Tutorials says:

    Thank you very much!

  15. Kyle Stevenson says:


  16. Suzanne Waters says:

    thank you!

  17. 225rc says:

    Can you do a mechanical drawing??

  18. kubaoioi says:

    Awesome, like always.

  19. cuteDali says:

    Nice 🙂

  20. Julia K says:

    Thank you for your Video!

  21. My Drawing Tutorials says:

    Good question! Yes it does. If a person is shorter than the observer, their
    eyes will be below the horizon line.

  22. Justin J. says:

    You explained this so easily! I was reading Loomis earlier and this went
    perfectly with what I was figuring out to do. Keep it up!

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