People will live on Mars and never come back Full Documentary

More than 100000 people are eager to make themselves at home on another planet. They’ve applied for a one-way trip to Mars, hoping to be chosen to spend the rest of their lives on uncharted…
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25 Responses

  1. Frida Nyberg says:

    Very misleading title. THIS IS NOT ABOUT HUMANS GOING TO MARS. It is about
    our history of exploring Mars, not the future.

  2. Dr Gunsmith says:

    Bull shit title nothing to do will going to Mars and it’s not even a full
    documentary sick of these bull shit titles on YouTube.

  3. Talons of the Raven says:

    sorry to rain on all your parades but mars one expedition will not be
    happening, maybe in the far off future but no human being will be sent to
    mars in any of our life times! im so surprised and shocked that all you
    science and space exploration loving people are so naive and gullible to
    believe in this massive day dream! 

  4. aaron wauschek says:

    Even if we find life on mars that was a long time ago and with no magnetic
    field we would die even with class domes sorry nasa we cant stop wasting
    earths resources for mars 

  5. BlizzPort says:

    +Commander Shepherd

    If there’s a perfect example of undeveloped brain you might be a good

    There is no such thing as nothing plus nothing.
    There is however 0=5-5 or 0=x-x or 0=-x+x and the list goes on.

    Knowing there is matter and antimatter that annihilate each other when
    fused together one can pretty much apply the mathematical model which
    points out the obvious. Nothing is always equal to the sum of everything
    with an equal opposite.

    I guess that never crossed your simple mind.

    The actual physics of the Big Bang theory is far more complicated than a
    simple equation. You first have to learn summation though.

  6. MrDBarch says:

    Oh come ON people, we can’t even manage to live in the Antarctic on our own
    planet, how can anyone justify the need to fly to another that can’t even
    begin to match the comparably welcoming Antarctic??!!! We need to use outer
    space research to IMPROVE life on earth, not to fantasize about leaving it
    to live on a diff planet!

  7. Souper says:

    One word:


  8. Sakata Gintoki says:

    Actually scientists can produce bacteria and tiny non-complex organisms by
    not using any other LIFE-FORM.
    U are ignorant and all you need is COSMOS.
    Mother nature is the most awesome creator in the world, fuck your GODS, if
    we 100% understand DNA and be able to modificate freely, we can be on the
    same level as nature, and we will do that even faster. We will be GODS! We
    will be able to create any life-form, anything u can imagine(and doesn’t
    break any physic laws) can be created if u are able if we can modificate
    DNA freely.
    Bill Gates said: “The next evolution after the computers will be the GMO

  9. sinsel1434 says:

    Although im not sure this planet or our people will make it, lord willing
    the people in 2750 will thank us for our tiny but significant work towards
    exploring our infinite playgrouund.

  10. Henry Hernandez says:

    Im one of them who goes in 2020 to mars at 49 to never come back with other
    50 people

  11. jim jackle says:

    There are already people living on mars, but they’re not from the earth.
    NASA is not telling us the truth, because I’ve seen pictures of cities on
    mars. They have people living there along with bigfoot and aliens, which
    are slaves or servants to the people.

  12. LukeTEvans says:


  13. ddavel5441 says:

    Without the protective magnetic field, there’s not a chance in hell we
    could live on Mars! And that’s why it’s a fried egg in space! So wtf are
    we wasting moneys, sending space junk trips to mars for?!

  14. Jeffrey Robert Dicken says:

    Obadiah 1:4 Though you soar like the eagle and make your nest among the
    stars, from there I will bring you down,” declares the LORD.
    Why are humans so stupid to think that they can do these foolish things…in
    a few weeks they will fire up the CERN..and what will happen…what are they
    all looking for?…GOD made this universe and he holds it together through
    CHRIST if that sounds like a lot of trite and fairy tales to
    anyone..they are in for a shock very soon….READ the HARBINGER

  15. Johan Dale says:

    And what about the giant manlike cockroaches ?

  16. Matthew19 says:

    I am doing a project on Mars one 

  17. Commander Shepherd says:

    The Big Bang Theory is actually much much more loony than the Creationist
    belief because see the known Universe was supposedly created by an
    explosion of nothing, yes, absolutely NOTHING. Then as a direct result of
    that “bang” we now suddenly have all this dust and gas floating around in
    space. Come on people are you serious? I was taught in kindergarten that
    nothing plus nothing equals 0. You cant multiply or divide anything by 0,
    and you cant add or subtract it to any number that there is and be left
    with a larger or smaller number than you started with. On top of that they
    go even further and say that after all those trillions of years you
    suddenly have life. Uhh guys, you cant get any life out of a rock or gas.
    We have the greatest scientific capabilities in the history of mankind to
    discover and create with but even the best scientists and chemists to this
    day cannot produce life from nonliving matter. Yet after all of these facts
    people still continue to believe in such a thing.

  18. Ahmad Zia says:


  19. Eseret says:

    Most likely? More like guaranteed.

  20. jennifer lawson says:

    Gallant and raven
    You r so true we are not going to any planet and or moon at any near future
    We’ve never been outside our orbit . Yes I said it there’s no aliens or
    anything on the moon
    It’s just us , and I’m sure there’s bacteria on other planets but I doubt
    seriously there’s anything intelligent .
    But the stories are fun to watch ,and I do mean stories

  21. Extreme Bananas says:

    There are people already on Mars there taking care of the Rovers and
    they’re working with aliens 

  22. juiweiYang2000 says:

    We might start a new colonial age to colonized Mars someday’, maybe there
    would only be one nation or multiple nations or maybe there will be a
    nation that have territory on both earth and mars. But to say everybody on
    Earth would leave the planet and move to Mars and never come back…sorry,
    don’t see that happening. 

  23. Chuck Olmstead says:

    So what happened with the Phoenix probe???

  24. dks13827 says:

    I love space exploration but I am a realist. It’s too expensive and
    difficult for people to ever go to Mars, it wont happen. Truth is, right
    now our manned program could come to an end within a few years. End

  25. Tao Ming says:

    People have to wake up to the truth of life before we even get off of this
    planet or there will be no future for mankind no matter what people think
    or do. The truth of life has been revealed and we can finally know how life
    works, the sad part is most wont care enough to check the truth for
    themselves. Google *Truth contest* and check out the top entry. Nothing
    could be more important or worthwhile. 

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