Paul Ryan: We need to empower individuals, not government

Congressman Paul Ryan (WI-01) U.S. House of Representatives April 22, 2009 During the budget debate on the House floor, Paul Ryan, Ranking Member of House Budget Committee stated: We …

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5 Responses

  1. wdcsucks1 says:

    should of ran for president! should of been Ron Pauls vice or the other way
    arround both would of been great!!!but it is up to us to throw away the
    illuminati power grip over us to enable us to have true and real

  2. AmericanFaith says:

    Rep. Paul, keep up the straight talking, no-nonsense approach and call for
    personal responsibility. America needs more people like you that will
    encourage self ability & accountability–Americans are able & capable, and
    the gov’t should empower them, not create a welfare state. I’d love to see
    a Paul/McCotter ticket!!

  3. M Forde says:

    Wow, so what he means is that we are going to empower seniors by taking
    away their medicare. Man, I hope this guy gets re-elected.

  4. donde2k says:

    @blkzen Do you work hard at completely lying about what Ryan is proposing,
    or does it just come as natural as sh*tting to you ?

  5. 1awareness says:

    This person doesn’t understand the issues that we are facing. I feel, he
    does not understand, what social reform is needed. I feel he speaks; as if
    he understands and cares. but they are only hollow words. I feel ashamed
    that I share a surname with this person. I have many theories and solutions
    to our problems. we must get away from supply-side economics.

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