Part 2 Most Expensive Car BBC Explorations – | Storyteller Media

In this episode we join Richard Noble the fastest man on earth as he breaks the World Land Speed record and breaks the Sound Barrier, in the world’s most expensive car. Storyteller produce…
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2 Responses

  1. h0niels says:

    Great documentary thank you.

  2. Wayne Nicholson says:

    Not the first person to break sound barrier on ground. Was done on
    17DEC1979. Google “Stan Barrent” for details. …….” the Budweiser Rocket
    rocket-powered three-wheel vehicle. His calculated speed was 739.666 miles
    per hour, (Mach 1.01), which would have made Barrett the first man to break
    the sound barrier in a land vehicle. The attempt was surrounded by
    controversy and the speed was never officially recorded.”

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