Paper Craft: Make small roses with paper strips – EP 639

Learn how to make small roses with paper strips. In this video we will show you how to make small roses with paper strips that you can make yourself by using scissors, a paper cutting machine…

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25 Responses

  1. kattie quinn says:

    I just mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade you wipe your screen. :3 (and also great tut
    i sub! :D)

  2. Tyler Hendrickson says:

    You should buy tape and make duck tape dimonds

  3. TruthSeekingElf says:

    A reply from pipe cleaner crafts which isn’t showing here for some strange
    reason, I want to say I HEAR YOU!! But you CAN do it it’s just that most
    people are so heavily socially engineered and brainwashed they couldn’t
    deal with it. So I ask you WHY couldn’t you do it? WHO says you can’t do
    it? Really, think about that, where do these ‘restrictions’ really come
    from? I say fuck the rules, I mean it!! WHO’S rules? Those who wish to
    ‘rule’ us… 😉 And I say, straight to hell with the lot of them, we are
    all capable of thinking for ourselves and living for ourselves, we are
    individuals, not a ‘collective’ blob!! Best wishes and I hope you get this

  4. Origami How To says:

    Great tutorial and very easy to make :D

  5. Angelo Montalto says:

    non riesco a capire potresti fare uno più dettagliato grazie

  6. LPS Awesome In Action says:


  7. christelyn mandaya says:

    what did you call the one you used cutting paper strips?

  8. marie jasmin agaran says:

    This small roses is so cute, glad to find this site…

  9. bellgallery says:

    Very interesting !!!!!

  10. TruthSeekingElf says:

    Have people no common sense that they need a WARNING to make paper roses?
    What the hell has the world come to. Great tutorial, but a warning?
    People CAN still think for themselves you know.

  11. Mei Crafts says:

    So beautiful

  12. Kayla dobbs says:

    Very Pretty! Thank you Merve

  13. Aditha Doss says:


  14. Ra Kay says:

    Wow so amazing and how do you do the twisting and folding

  15. Raheel Siddiqui says:

    This is an awesome method to do .
    Rather than sitting at home and wasting time

  16. Sanjana Doss says:


  17. Erin Hicks says:

    Learn how to make paper roses.

  18. jasmina petrovic says:
  19. Danceorattack101 says:

    I used black and white Pictures i found in the new paper!

  20. Jasmine Martinez says:

    She slways sounds like shes bored

  21. Box Room Crafts says:

    Great idea! Simple but very effective! 

  22. Madhurima Jakkamsetty says:
  23. Shruti Mahadik says:

    So pretty ♥♥

  24. Raymond Trevino says:

    It’s kind of difficult. #love this channel.

  25. Tom Jason Andres says:


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