Panic Over Ebola Outbreak Goes Viral In America

“Two elementary school children are being kept from attending Howard Yocum Elementary School in New Jersey because they recently moved to the U.S. from Rwanda, prompting Ebola fears from …

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25 Responses

  1. The Young Turks says:

    Check out Ana’s new YouTube channel here:

  2. BloodMoneyLLC says:

    We’re America. We specialize in irrational overreaction and fear. It only
    makes sense we’d have this ridiculous response to Ebola.

  3. Andre B says:

    Teacher from school in New Jersey: Sir, a man from Madagascar was coughing!!
    Principal: SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING!!!!!

  4. sandwichperson says:

    If those were white South African kids you bet it wouldn’t be a problem.

  5. Beorn Borg says:

    I’m ashamed of my fellow citizens. Can we be anymore pathetic? 

  6. Richard Taylor says:

    The ignorance of some of the people of this country is embarrassing.
    Fucking educated yourselves people! 

  7. Ryan Rouse says:

    Completely understandable. Nobody from African should be in the USA.

  8. HalfDemonInuyasha says:

    Gun deaths in the US – tens of thousands per year
    Car accidents in the US – tens of thousands per year
    Flu and other illnesses in the US – tens of thousands per year

    Reaction – Meh, no big deal. No need for more regulations or attention or
    anything to try to lower that number.

    Ebola deaths in the US – 1

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! PANIC!!!!!! PANIC!!!!!!!!!!! FLEE!!!!!! FLEE FOR YOUR

  9. Hamster Pooh says:

    Guys, it’s ignorance, not racism. Most Americans can’t point out more than
    a few countries on the world map. All they know is that the outbreak is in
    Africa. How big is Africa? They probably don’t know. Where are the infected
    areas of Africa? They definitely don’t know. It is not because the kids are
    black. It’s because they are from the infected continent.

  10. raydeen2k says:

    Better cut Africa out of any maps in the school ’cause I’m pretty sure just
    looking at a picture of the continent can give you ebola, or at least
    visual aids.

    Texas. Where everything’s bigger including stupidity.

  11. Rickey Layman says:

    Someone needs to sue someone here.

  12. Juanito Segura says:

    Lifes Given & Death Is Promised. Why Do White People Complain Of
    Immigrants? When Yall Are the Ones Who Migrated Here. Indians Were Here
    First. Dumb Fuckn Ppl Is Why This Country Goin Too Shit , Not Immigrants.
    Dumb Fucks

  13. cjbos81 says:

    Close the border and get a gun.

    Learn to take care of yourselves.

  14. Tonko Kesler says:

    They figured out that Sierra Leone is on the same continent as Rwanda??
    That’s what surprised me the most in this story…

  15. Ivory Oasis says:

    Lol americans are SOOO stupid. This is why we can’t have nice things…

  16. Ryan Ulibarri says:

    How ironic is it that the SCHOOL is making this decision?

  17. Max Kordon says:

    My highschool actually sent out letters last week to all of the students
    and parents saying that if you have any affiliation or recent flight
    history to west Africa then you will be “forcibly ejected” from our school.

  18. jilk clemont says:

    It dudn’t matter. Sierra Leone is in africa and so is Rwanda. Whole of
    Africa has ebola cooties. Anyone who looks african infact has ebola

  19. Shakor77 says:

    Dumbass Americans…

  20. PacificCircle1 says:

    A few idiots does not mean everybody calling for tougher controls are in
    panic mode. Ebola needs a massive, “you shall not pass!’ firewall.

  21. jasun calimag says:

    The Rwandan parents must be like “Dem muddy fukkas don undehstsnd! We ah
    not frum west africa! Eben pepple en somalia ah mo educated dan dem!”

  22. Jammit Timmaj says:

    Even Madagascar hasn’t closed its borders…

  23. Jay Jinn says:

    Some Americans are so dumb, they think Africa is 1 COUNTRY. They have no
    idea of all the different coutries and ethnic groups on the continent.
    This unbelievable ignorance is compounded by dumb racism, where it’s
    believed that Africans are of one color, one phenotype, and look only a
    certain way.

  24. BoB Bobroski says:

    Blah Blah Blah, more racist propaganda. Whether you realize it or not, you
    are contributing into keeping us locked into the race mentality. Just

  25. BashMonkeyRC says:

    American mainstream media at its finest?

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