Panama Canal Time Lapse – Full Transit Travel From the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic

Here’s a cool GoPro time lapse of our boat traveling through all 6 lock chambers of the Panama Canal (Miraflores Locks x2, Pedro Miguel Lock and Gatun Locks x3) from the Pacific Ocean, up 85…
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  1. Shane Taylor says:

    As the boat was moving the film was cut, but had to watch all of the lock

  2. David Scott says:

    I don’t think it has changed much since we went through it in 1989, then
    when we were on a tour of Panama City in 1992, did a tour and visited one
    of the locks, and saw operation from the land.

  3. Sleek Fx says:

    Really liked it

  4. Laurens Zwart says:

    Beautiful! But what’s the music called?

  5. nooknik zii says:

    Kkkp xm

  6. 1MonsterJam says:

    Whats the name of the boat?

  7. MrBigteezie says:

    How can you get the gopro battery to last long enough to capture this?

  8. Chris Swann says:

    whats the music?

  9. JacobMichaelC says:

    Wow that took forever…why not go AROUND the land instead??

  10. romelia alvarado says:

    Este mi panama mi canal maravilloso.

  11. Dario Pogliani says:
  12. Lanka E Mix | Sri Lankan Entertainment Website says:

    පැනමා ඇලේ නැව් යන හැටි

    අත්ලාන්තික් සාගරය සහ පැසිෆික් සාගර දෙක යා කරලා තමයි පැනමා ඇල හදලා තියෙන්නේ
    දිග කිලෝමිටර් 77.1ක් වන අතර එහි විශේෂත්වය වන්නේ නැවක් එක වතුර මට්ටමක ඉඳල
    තව වතුර මට්ටමකට ගමන් කිරිමයි.

    More :

  13. digitalizations says:

    Exellent work done. Professional music arrangements!!!!

  14. julio batista says:


  15. Lynne Coleman says:

    That was fascinating. Thank you for posting this video, Love the music

  16. Sagar Reddy says:
  17. Nikhil p.p says:
  18. codyyim1 says:

    Because it takes way more days to go around south America. The point of
    this canal is to link up the east and west coast of America.

  19. aliaa ehap says:
  20. itzamia . says:

    i plan on using this music next time i pork my girlfriend

  21. Cesar Daniel says:

    This is what i call true intelligence

  22. Expert Vagabond says:

    Pretty cool.

  23. Rishabhnandha J says:

    wonderful work

  24. Trans-Americas Journey says:

    The full transit takes 8-10 hours

  25. ctsaw7 says:

    What resolution and how did you cope with battery life?

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