Our Earth’s Future – A Conversation about Climate Change

On December 1, we’re “opening the doors” of our online classroom and inviting you to join us for a Google+ Hangout event: Our Earth’s Future—A Conversation about Climate Change. As…

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  1. Deep Ashtray says:
  2. Deep Ashtray says:

    Ocean acidification?

  3. Ryad Arlan says:

    Thermal energy… A grass field is cool to the touch on a hot day, a road
    is not. To add to this we take billions of tons of ambient temperature
    fossil fuels and burn it which in turn heat up engines, billions and
    billions of engines 24 hours 7 days a week. like little aquarium heaters in
    a large swimming pool…. Thats just the face of it…..

  4. A. Randomjack says:

    Was Sandy a result of Climate Change?
    The one sure thing is warmer oceans and more humidity in the air is what
    fuels hurricanes/typhoons. All the weather we’re getting is formed under
    new conditions brought by Global Climate Change.

  5. Frank Hopper says:

    Do the Gruber test for climate models. Run them again with a nil value for
    atmospheric CO2 and see if the results are more accurate.

    Civilization is built on abundant food and energy, and Greens are against
    either, for moral reasons. If you see humans as a cancer on the planet, why
    do you call yourselves huminists?

    Atmospheric CO2 does not control global temperature like Sauron’s Ring. You
    got that part wrong. 

  6. ceciliaFX says:
  7. A. Randomjack says:
  8. Sasima Zaa says:

    Our Earth’s Future – A Conversation about Climate…:

  9. Peter Evans says:

    What a lot of nonsense. There is no global warming. Whilst these people
    have all the credentials they have obviously been “brain-washed” and have
    no original thoughts. Follow the money. Who is paying for all this

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