ORS Olive Oil Style – Segment 1: A Guide to Properly Relaxing at Home

ORS presents…Olive Oil Style “A Guide to Properly Relaxing Your Hair at Home.” This step-by-step instructional video for the ORS Olive Oil Built-In Protection Relaxer will help you achieve…

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24 Responses

  1. Chanese Adams says:

    Can I use cocoa butter as a substitute for petroleum jelly and vaseline if
    I don’t have either of these products?

  2. Asmaseif Seif says:

    Can i use virgin hair fertilizer after relaxing. Sorry my english is not

  3. thahomievee says:

    ive always wondered why the back of my hair seems more relaxed then the
    front… turns out ive been starting from the wrong end. good to know :)

  4. BelledelaGroove says:

    I love way Dr Hair annunciates his words!

  5. tiyang44 says:

    thanks for the tips. just bought the kit yesterday to do my hair this
    weekend. only thing is i prefer to relax from back to front. first try of
    this range. fingers crossed.

  6. ORS Hair Care says:

    @parishiltonheiress Coffee and other hot drinks are stimulants that tend to
    increase circulation when consumed. As a result, the skin and/or scalp
    become more sensitive than normal, leaving the scalp prone to irritation
    during a relaxer application. In order to avoid skin or scalp irritation
    during the relaxer process, we recommend that an individual avoid consuming
    caffeinated or hot drinks prior to application.

  7. trina hall says:

    STOP :}

  8. Temickab b says:

    @NamasteLaboratories Can i find this relaxer in Walmart? A Lye relaxer by
    your company?

  9. firestonegraywolf says:

    1:11 im learning!! lol her face

  10. ticky468 . says:

    i love this relaxer been using it for 3 yrs and always love the outcome

  11. Temickab b says:

    OMG im hoping this is fake cream ralxer because they didnt even have new

  12. Zaranda C says:

    @namastelabotories y can’t u drink coffee?

  13. evanewton1974 says:

    That’s right MzShanice105!!!

  14. Kieshaleigh says:

    I had no idea that the kit came with so much in it. That’s a lot better
    than the cheep African Pride stuff I’ve been using. You’ve got a convert!

  15. fruitfullness1 says:

    @Kieshaleigh …..lol….

  16. sineadbaby100 says:

    but there’s no new growth to relax though :/

  17. Nina Sweeting says:

    this is soo perfect i’m planning to apply this relaxer for the first time
    soon its soo helpful tahnk you soo much for uploading

  18. Shanz Ri says:

    great vid now i can stop wasting money at the hair dresser who doesnt do
    half this work

  19. ORS Hair Care says:

    @temickab We used what we call “dummy relaxer” for the shoot. There were no
    actives! The purpose of this video was to show proper relaxing at home to
    help consumers avoid damaging their hair. We appreciate your concern!

  20. Loica12 says:

    I never heard about the coffee thing… Good video!

  21. Raven Charles says:

    this was helpful thank you

  22. ORS Hair Care says:

    @MsBrit214 You should definitely throw away the remaining relaxer. The
    no-lye relaxer is not formulated to be saved, it could cause severe damage
    to your hair.

  23. ORS Hair Care says:

    @BornGorgeousX3 We have a line for professional stylists called Olive Oil
    Professional that contains a lye version of the olive oil relaxer. For more
    information about Olive Oil Professional products visit our website.

  24. MsBrit214 says:

    if you relax you hair and there is relaxer left over, does the remainder
    have to be thrown away or can it be used at a later time?

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