Organic Pest Control – End Problems with Bugs Forever in Your Garden

John from shares his proven methods to control pests in your organic vegetable garden. In this epsiode, John shares with you his top ways to prevent a pest…
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  1. TheRealVerbz says:

    If someone reading this happens to know…
    Will the neem fog affect lady bugs?

  2. omniXenderman says:

    i am studying chemical application….alot of the monsanto bashing and
    pesticide statistics are largely unfounded….general use pesticides are
    legally obligated to pose zero threat to the environment and non target
    organisms when “USED ACCORDING TO LABEL DIRECTIONS” the label on a chemical
    is a legally binding document and hefty charges usually arise from misusing
    them. i respect organic gardening but you need to do better research from
    multiple sources…l like what you do but this video sounded kind of
    duplicitous at certain points. pesticides should only be used as a last
    resort anyway but the only stuff most people have access is not dangerous
    when proper safety measures are taken. they dont sell restricted use
    chemicals at the home depot and walmart.

  3. SeanPatrickMedia says:

    Grow a tobacco plant. Soak the leaves in water and spray your plants with
    the water. I had a lot of success with this last year. And humming birds
    love tobacco plant flowers.

  4. djozzy59 says:

    Great video John and Josh! I have Neem oil and an Organically pure
    non-detergent soap, which I make, for some years now. The only issue I have
    have is with large bugs/insects – it doesn’t have too much of an effect on
    them. Knowing that these pesky little creatures are habitual, like humans,
    I figured if I kept spraying them they would finally stay away – no longer
    getting a free easy meal without being bothered. I stepped up my spraying
    from three times a week to five times a week and after two weeks they
    packed their bags and hopped the first Greyhound out of town and haven’t
    been back.

    As soon as my video camera is repaired I will be doing videos on Organic
    pest recipes as well as some of the growing techniques I have been using
    recently. This will be my first year trying vertical growing on my vine
    veggies and single stem pepper and tomato plants. You had mentioned in a
    previous video about – one pepper never to grow… the Bell Pepper. I have
    grown them for many years without any issues. I snip off all the suckers
    and first flowers that come out and let them grow for another week and cut
    them in half. They are bushy and full of peppers. I’ve cut them in half to
    soon after trimming them and they didn’t do squat. I didn’t even realize
    they were still in shock from the trimming.

    Love your videos and have learned quite a bit about growing these days.
    I’ve been growing old school for a long time and it’s been a challenge
    trying, and failing at some, new things. I’m coming around though.

    Take care.

    Ozzy – from the Arkansas Ozarks

  5. Kim Willard says:

    Might this take care of my indoor flee issue?

  6. Gloria Monroe says:

    Thank you so very much for this video!!! I totally enjoyed it and I did not
    mind the Monsanto bashing! I am so against them! I really enjoyed Josh! He
    clearly explained everything! Thanks to this video I may be able to finally
    end my battle against squash bugs once and for all and all totally organic!
    I am a huge advocate for Organic pest control!
    TOL = Tons of love! A Positive saying I created in these trying times, Pass
    it on if you like it!
    TOL! Gloria

  7. morrislegendary says:

    any recommendations on organic fertilizer products?

  8. 2008calander says:

    This guy is great john and will be supporting his company for sure. Keep up
    the good work I love you for it.

  9. Edward Hall says:

    These guys are so much fun 🙂 

  10. Peter Piper says:

    Interesting… Josh said “I was a grower for years.” I take it that
    means he is no longer a grower. Maybe the sale of his product and the
    affiliate sales of other products put him in the green?

  11. KingCodeTV says:

    Is it the Liquid Cleaner I’m looking for on Dr. Bonners Website?

  12. Greg Groeschen says:


  13. Mrgruffy44 says:

    I’ve learned from various vids that farmers in India us Coca Cola and Pepsi
    Cola as insectides.
    I have a 40 ft X 40 ft gravel area around my shop. As you know, weeds grow
    very well in gravel. No herbicide would kill the vegetation. So I used my
    4-prong chopping hole to break up the gravel so I could pull up the weeds
    by hand. I spent most of the summer doing this. The 2 or 3 inches of dirt
    below the gravel was loose. I shoveled up the dirt and gravel, and sifted
    it through a 1/4 inch mesh to let the dirt fall into my wheelbarrow. I got
    about 3 cubic yards of black soil. In late July I planted some squash and
    okra seeds just to see how they would grow. WOW! I’ve never seen such large
    plants. The squash was loaded with blooms and large leaves. The okra grew
    to over 2 feet high. I think they overgrew themselves. too many blooms on
    squash. The squash plants rotted at the bases; and I don’t know why.
    I built 3 elevated gardens (above the ground) to mix this good dirt with
    twigs, leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds and other vegetation. Will
    see what happens in Spring of 2015.

  14. Sukwah Lin says:

    Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it.

  15. Rocky s Mum says:

    You can eat neem leaves, it’s bitter, but it taste great! I love bitter
    veggies :)

  16. Preston Pest Control says:

    Organic Pest Control 

  17. makaylagirl808 says:

    Love you keep it up man you are my inspiration when it comes to gardening.
    I learned a lot from you!

  18. Hyun Suk Chang says:

    Hey John. Huge fan. However you should have warned us there are some
    graphic images that may not be appropriate to younger viewers.

  19. Ben Payment says:

    Do i have to worry about ants in my potato garden ?

  20. grace wolferd says:

    I grew cucumbers from seeds I planted them in a cox garden with organic cow
    manure n compost at first they was doing good now the leaves are turning
    yellow brown and now they look like they are dying the same thing with my
    snap peas green squash to what am I doing wrong

  21. mary ann says:

    Best Video Ever 

  22. juan leon says:


  23. RauCompany says:


  24. Kaila Webb says:

    Those California tomatoes man…:]

  25. Kwang Yi says:

    now I remember why can’t deal with gardening bs. If so many ads & sales
    people in every freaken’ hardware store promoting their product wasn’t good
    enough, they penetrate unwanted sales pitch when all I wanted is to grow
    few vegetables . Another wased time.

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