One Life-Changing Class You Never Took: Alexa von Tobel at TEDxWallStreet

Alexa von Tobel is the founder and CEO of which she has been developing and growing since 2006. LearnVest is the leading personal finance and lifestyle website that brings financial.
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24 Responses

  1. 011azr says:

    Isn’t this a common sense? Not everyone want to live beneath their means.
    Of course if you invest money and avoid debt, you’ll have more financial
    freedom later in life. No shit?

  2. Mistress Morrigan says:

    eh, I was lucky enough to attend the richest high school in America back in
    the late 90’s though my dad worked three jobs and I worked two. They had a
    mandatory evening class called “Life skills.” In it, you were taught how to
    make a budget, how to calculate expenses, what you should save for
    emergencies, and also how to grocery shop, do laundry, do basic cooking,
    and schedule time. It was there because most students had trust funds,
    servants, drivers, so literally never had to think about these things. And
    though I’d done most, that class was awesome. Thanks to it, I got 3 college
    and graduate degrees with 0 debt, I’ve owned two homes, and had a pretty
    stable life. The key was growing up poor and taking that class I knew
    credit cards are the single stupidest, dumbest thing you can ever do. So,
    yes, this class should be taught, but how? Back in the 90’s life was
    different, now kids are taught from birth spend, spend, spend. I wish she
    would have spoken more about how to fit this into modern life.

  3. Tamara Sanderson says:

    Agreed. Personal finance is very important and not discussed enough

  4. Joe Smith says:

    Wow, even if Jessica is average, that’s the definition of a DULLARD.

  5. Bent Mathiesen says:

    I find the presentation lacking on how to change it. My wife and I have
    never had the issues that “Jessica” have. What I see is a whole generation
    that is taught from producers to ‘spend, spend, spend’ and every website,
    every tv program, every mailbox is chocking on adds for spending. As long
    as people around the world are told this is the way to live you life,
    people will not plan for anything else.

    It is not just in US. Where I live now, lots of people I know have no real
    savings, and no matter what income they have, all go to life-style and not
    for the future.

  6. Holf Amino says:

    I’d be the first to watch a biggest loser for people in debt — but this
    speech sounds like the audible version of ramit sethi’s I will teach you to
    be rich lololo

  7. Stephan Azor says:

    I have had the idea that if I were to have a child, the moment that child
    can count to 10 I will begin teaching him/her principles of money and how
    it all works before they start taking on real responsibilities so they know
    how the game is played.

  8. Tara Valcimond says:

    What are 529 plans?

  9. dilbertgeg says:

    It’s important to understand that in the MACRO view, if EVERYONE lived
    within their means and attempted to save massively for retirement, saving =
    not spending and not spending kills capitalism.
    Not spending = falling sales and falling profits. Shortfall of sales caused
    by shrunken aggregate demand = layoffs and no hiring.
    Joblessness = poverty and no savings.
    Fallacy of Thrift.
    Credit — and debt — on the other hand, costs money and enriches the bank,
    but also drives capitalism and commerce just like additional well-targeted
    Govt Deficit Spending does — if we were willing to have the Govt do that.

    Alexa’s plan works inside our kind of Market economy ONLY if a FEW people
    are able and willing to follow it and the vast majority do not, or else if
    there’s massive subsidies of Govt spending like World War One where the
    Govt encouraged not-spending aka savings by issuing War Bonds to reduce
    consumption and reduce competition for the REAL resources that Govt wanted
    to deploy for the war.

  10. Priscilla Ramirez says:

    I’m already registered on

  11. Mitchell Leary says:

    Fuck your personal finance! I want to see how far I can stick my tongue up
    your snatch,

  12. Grejegando says:

    Strange, because Israel receives part of Jessica’s money. If she took back
    what goes to CIA, military, “security”, excessive policing, etc., Jessica
    will find out she’s actually rich.

  13. paulmaters says:

    The Idealistic view is nice, but this girl is either living in a dream
    world or has no clue to living a real life and having a family. Yes I chose
    to have a family with 5 kids, so we are miles off the targets she spoke of,
    we are more the 90% spent on essentials, 5 % of financial priorities and 5
    % of that Thing they call LIFE Style, what ever that is, and the Older Our
    children the more the % changes.

  14. Joseph Gelb says:

    Not to sure about this one

  15. AtlantisArch says:

    Alexa should just take some lessons from Mike Maloney. All her speach is
    just pointless. There is no good pilling up currency notes.

  16. ghgh3917 says:

    the worst thing about the video was that incessant, annoying movement she
    made with the right hand, about a hundred times. Before all you thoughtful
    people come running to my rescue, telling me how stupid I am… I know it
    is the remote!
    It was very distracting to me, thank you for your tolerance.

  17. Malia Karatas says:

    this is capitalism!!! jessica should fight for free public educational
    service and health service by the state!!! the taxes that people pay are
    good enough for all these, if they havenot been spend on military, war

  18. Rico Adventura says:

    I agree people are stupid about money but in many ways the apathy comes
    from employers not paying fairly because they have unrealistic laws to
    protect them and sky high rent costs.the hippies this years ago by living
    communally,protesting,and working alternative platforms..then later they
    became yuppies and fucked everyone over….the real issue is
    want money?get greedy. will come as fast as you want it to.

  19. DelilahZoe says:

    Completely not true. Students move back in with their parents. FREE RENT.
    Then, when they can afford to move out…. they get ROOMMATES. Hullo?

  20. K2Twelve says:

    Alexa Von Tobel on the need for financial literacy at the 2012 TEDx Wall
    Street: #FinLit #FinEd

  21. Mustafa Hammada says:


  22. Jean Lee says:

    My personal finance advisor:

  23. T KA says:

    She has no idea of what she is talking about. 

  24. hardeep singh says:

    OMG, i would marry her. I need a girl who likes finance and investing like
    me. All i see is in NYC is stupid ladies who like to show off.

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