Off-Grid Hydroponics Experiment – The Kratky Method & Floating Raft Hydroponics

Off-Grid Hydroponics Experiment - The Kratky Method & Floating Raft Hydroponics

A major concern for people today is loss of electricity. If you are running a hydroponic system with air and water pumps, this can be a serious problem. Even with solar backup, it’s not easily…
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23 Responses

  1. Chris Kirkpatrick says:

    My wife and I have limited ground space for gardening. the Kratky method
    you demonstrated looks to be a great choice for us to expand. Thanks for
    sharing. Wish I had watched your video back in 2012, but better late than
    never right? Thanks again.

  2. Hysky Juhana says:

    Living off grid or don’t want to mess with pumps and such?

    Go Kratky’s Hydroponics… I definitely going to try this one out when I
    get my greenhouses and such going…

  3. Chris Harvey says:

    Hello I found your videos about 2 days ago and I found this one VERY
    interesting, particularly because of the anaerobic water solution, and an
    interest I have in providing a home made chelated iron in hydroponics to
    prevent chlorosis. I have a suggestion if I may (please forgive my I am new
    to hydroponics)….Here is my idea: an aerobic (oxygenated environment )
    will oxidize any ferrous iron (useable to plants) making it ferric iron
    (unusable to plants) which is why tossing rusty iron bits (nails etc.) into
    the garden never really helps much to thwart chlorosis. This was a problem
    for me since I like to provide all my plants needs myself without having to
    rely too much on commercial purchases. So after seeing this video I had a
    revelation (I hope LOL ). The environment you had these plants in was an
    anaerobic water solution which would allow the conversion of iron into a
    usable form of iron a non-ferric or rather ferrous iron, since oxygen is
    low in the static solution and the oxygen needs of plants are still met. If
    you put a fine ready to dissolve iron substance into a water solution and
    let it sit for a while to completely dissolve, ( I would suggest a rusty
    fine steel wool since its so fine and will dissolve well and maybe even
    perhaps pre-boil the water to remove extra oxygen) then you would have a
    ferrous iron solution to add to your plants. NOW…. I have read about
    things like coffee, green tea, and blueberries etc. being bad for anemic
    (low iron) people….why…? because they are iron chelating foods….so
    into this ferrous anaerobic water solution you could perhaps add coffee,
    filtered (maybe pasteurized) blueberry juice…etc. to chelate this
    solution and protect it from any oxidization once introduced to your
    non-aerated hydroponics? What are your thoughts?

  4. TheRodT says:

    seriously this is awesome

  5. Ronald Dunlap says:

    You have a real knack for this. It is a gift to explain this Kratky Method
    in your down to earth way. I feel like you are talking directly to me.
    Thanks for all you videos. I have watched most of them, the best ones

  6. blackboy424 says:

    Any concern with using a insulation material with a fire retardant agent in

  7. Martin B says:

    And why did you use regular fertilizer? Can you grow vegetables in this way
    using fish water from an aquaponics system? Like a non-electric aquaponics

  8. J. Forino says:

    This was a very helpful explanation! Great lesson on mixing plants like
    lettuce and chard. Thank you!

  9. Mickel Evangelista says:

    Where can I get the static nutrient solution. I am new to this and trying
    to even learn PH and PPM levels gives me a headache. Is there a simple
    solution for the water after I get PH and PPM on point? Unless the alchemy
    must be done? Thank you so much any help would really be appreciated.

  10. VTD 247 says:

    Great info appreciate the videos! Keep em coming

  11. Yasin Salahi says:

    Hello, I am doing my own experiment with the same method, i planted lettuce
    a month ago everything is great except the leaves are soft they look good
    but when you touch them they are soft and not crispy hard, the EC level is
    around 1.5 PH level is around 7, could somebody please help

  12. Martin B says:

    +mhpgardener Hi – thanks for uploading this video. I’ve been searching for
    ways to do aquaponics without electricity, and this method is brilliant.
    But you only grew lettuce in this floating raft system, can I ask you if
    it’s also possible to grow things like cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes

  13. Jacob Bauer says:

    That box looks to be about 4′ X 4′?

  14. zarah doan says:

    you’re cool cool cool thanks for all the info

  15. B-rad says:

    Hey cool video. I was just wondering if you had to change the water at all
    in the static system or did you use the same water for the entire cycle?
    Also what else is required? Did you have to add nutrients, or adjust PH at
    anytime? Also whats the average ambient temperature of the air in the green
    house? Thanks

  16. Martin B says:

    Can I grow tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelon without electricity using
    your kratky method? Or is it just for lettuce and tatsoy? 

  17. Aviyah Hoyt says:

    Would a tomato plant grow like this in 1 gal containers?

  18. marie smith says:

    did you build your greenhouse? its nice. if you have plans for, please

  19. Obdulio Cerceno says:

    Thanks a lot from Panama. You are doing a lot more for the learners than
    many so called Ag.Colleges. We want to learn from a real teacher. My
    respect to you!

  20. Mark Browning says:

    I’ve found your videos very helpful and informative….especially in my
    endeavor to try hydroponics….. I’ve seen most of what I need to see from
    the videos, but am still curious about what medium is in the cones and how
    you start the plants 

  21. ima bemedou says:

    I know you! You’re imstillworkin’s honey!

  22. 1mtstewart says:

    great video sir! excellent illustration of how it works, what works and

  23. Alex Ritchie says:

    Keep the video’s comin’ bro, very informative, love ’em…

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