Obama Takes His Shutdown Government to the Apple Store

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25 Responses

  1. FouwiiMedia says:

    Good comedy makes fun of real social issues. This is a real social issue,
    therefore, it is good comedy.

  2. J-Rod Musik says:

    hahaha it’s funny cuz the electoral college is fucking stupid

  3. oeiwyuzl84332165 says:

    Hm… that red chip seems to be causing all the problems. Trust me, I’m an

  4. owlflame says:

    How do I get a phone shaped like America? 

  5. Pikapuu says:

    Politically I am neutral, but I just wanna point out that hating someone
    for putting political views in an entertainment video is really fucking
    Not making your party look any better…

  6. Barrobroadcastmaster says:

    Obama should’ve read the user manual, then he would’ve known his software
    is incompatible. Really, it seems like he just wants to rip out the
    hardware all together and install something else. As far as those European
    models go, I’ve seen them and they don’t work as well as this one. And
    that’s not a virus; it’s an error message you should really pay attention

  7. superfreegoat says:

    now i’m not a phone doctor but i don’t think you can just look at a
    motherboard and be able to tell what programs are installed lol

  8. Austin Wilkins says:

    Oh my gosh, people who want freedom and small government are soooo dumb.

  9. Rising Phoenix Entertainment says:

    This was good but extremely innacurate.

  10. Those2Bros says:

    This is really stupid he doesn’t even sound like Obama 

  11. LohenArc says:

    Obviously those European Models run Android, not iOS, which means they’re
    less dependent on the worthless ideals of dead men. 

  12. Human GLaDOS says:

    CollegeHumor: *makes a video about the government shutting down.*
    Comment section: *intense arguments about idiotic political shit*
    And, to be honest, I give no shits about what government it is or what
    person runs it, I only give shits if the government, country, neighboring
    countries, and people are going smooth.

  13. Weed is not a drug, it's a plant. Therefore i'm not a drug dealer, i'm a florist says:

    Simple – Apple is just a cash grab, they just use some old models and make
    them look nice. If you buy an apple product and it doesn’t work or it breaks
    another 800-1000$ please!

    For PC?
    If you don’t fix it at least you can buy new parts for it

    Apple isn’t better than PC
    Admit it, you only buy the iphone because it looks good, those phones cost
    about 40$ to make, they sell them for 800

  14. Ryan Pawloski says:

    This was funny and so fucking true 

  15. Calvin Maynard says:

    Oh god. More goddamn hippies trying to be witty and insightful without
    having the slightest goddamn idea hoe anything works. Can they even define
    the electoral college? Should we just jail the TEA party? If the model is
    broken, let’s just overthrow the government and institute a communist
    dictatorship! Would that make you happy you goddamn college know-it’alls?!
    Nothing irks me more than low-information hippies trying to be funny.

  16. xlujanx says:

    Video reported. Targeting conservatives because we don’t want liberals to
    collapse our economy. 

  17. EhhG Creator says:

    So much win.

  18. plumlove1995 says:

    Just like my hometown, except we’re more physical and dramatic in the
    congress XD

  19. Ada Frost says:

    Good foresight on the end there, nailed it. It’s even funnier (and sadder)
    given the chaos in Iraq currently.

  20. Ian Games says:

    “Looks like you have a used model. The guy before really did a number on
    this” LOL xD

  21. Conman Kurt says:

    This is hilarious “but you guys said that it would work!”

  22. DeadValorProductions says:

    “Welllll, our dear leader, (President Obama) if you would actually read and
    understand the owners manual (The US Constitution) you would understand why
    most of your programs won’t work. When you don’t abide by the owners
    manual, and install incompatible and wasteful programs that suck up RAM and
    you demand too much power, the circuitry (the people) short and before you
    know it, your device (Government) fries and explodes in your face, killing
    you in the process. You of all people should know how dangerous these
    devices are. You must use it carefully and responsibly and you won’t have
    these problems.”
    – this is how this video should have gone.

  23. Narwhale The Great says:

    17 trillion is alot… *ahem*

  24. John Doe says:

    Ah republicans…all I did was try and upgrade the hardware to be more
    compatible with equality.exe. And here we are.

    —- *2015 the same people who hate Obama, are the same people who are
    credited for the reason why he can’t make change. Hope to god we don’t get
    a republican president..* 

  25. Levahk says:

    Well if Obama didn’t smash it with a hammer it might not be broken now. If
    hitting it once with a hammer didn’t work why keep doing it? He should sit
    on his ass and do nothing until its his time to leave the office. Liberals
    are so fucking stubborn it annoys me, such ignorant people with a close
    minded view of how the would should work.

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