Nutritional Health : How to Eat a Heart-Healthy Diet

A heart-healthy diet is low in saturated fat but high in soluble fiber, which helps to lower LDL cholesterol but raise HDL cholesterol. Eat well for a healthy heart with advice from a licensed…

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15 Responses

  1. satya narayana says:

    Great Information, thank you!

    I have almost ruined myself by dieting in order to reduce weight and my
    family was very worried, because i use to gain and loose weight abruptly.

    Luckily, I started using this “How To Eat” mobile app by lokesh which made
    me eat the right foods and in right way and using a game like points etc.
    and made it funny!
    now, i have reduce weight in a clean way.

  2. duyen690 says:

    Take out all meat and oils!

  3. universetechnique says:

    Remember I was here.Thai

  4. Xrazor4Games93 says:

    Hemp seeds The most nutritional food found om our planet!

  5. MrMaryJanes says:

    This video is fucking useless.

  6. Xrazor4Games93 says:

    @1001erickp Not really, I´m just telling the truth :).

  7. TheAbStand says:

    Thank you for all of the heart health information! Such a useful video!

  8. jlsoldwood says:

    CocoNut Oil Beats olive oil hands down….study it folks… & I use peanut
    oil to Fry Things- But dont overheat it…for-my potatoes I fry them,, and
    then i saute the eggs and potatoes in a tbspn of Coconut Oil. Like a
    potatoe almlet…and i have been Feeling-happier, and loosing weight-Our
    brains need certain Kinds of fats!Or depression sets in. & canola, If it is
    genetically modified?? – dont touch it.All GMO foods are Not safe- Or
    “Proven to be safe”.~They’er Seeds modified to grow in POISON.

  9. mokugin81 says:

    Why Reducing Fat At All??? reduce Sugar Starch and carbs in general!! Fat
    Does Not Makes us Fat and does not have a bad impact on heart health!! The
    Saturated Fat and cholesterol r a big myth and a Huge Lie!! if A Natural
    Food was born with fat is Because nature wants us to eat it that way!!
    Natural Foods makes less money then Man/Made one aint it??? Low Fat Diet R
    a Disaster!!! Its Time To Stop This Advice That In The Last 30/40 years
    made us more sick then ever!! Thanks

  10. RememberToday4ever says:

    I replaced chocolates and sweets with a cup full of Raisins, Sultanas, or
    pineapple chunks in pineapple juice. Worked for me Saved Money and Lost

  11. TheAngelmj15 says:

    I wana eat more healthy but I can’t find any fruits in the fridge andy mom
    always cooks unhealthy meal.. So Wat am I going to do?

  12. wtfbroskie says:

    canola oil IS NOT good for you. there is a SATURATED fat that IS good for
    you and that is coconut oil, google its benefits.

  13. VampirexxMistress says:

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  14. konsehal abet mariano says:

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  15. VampirexxMistress says:

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