NOW & THEN : The Redrawing Series (1) Introduction

WARNING : This video contains copious amounts of violence and gore. Viewer discretion is advised. GENESIS This video was created twelve months ago on 23rd August 2011. It was meant to initiate…

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20 Responses

  1. Gaming with Fred says:

    I made a book also but it have 10 stories The Orphanage
    The Puppet
    Steve’s Twin
    The End
    Legend of Crystals
    Live again
    What is Life

    Some are Inspired by my Experience some are is Fantasy
    There are Horror Comedy Drama Action 

  2. David Leopold says:

    The fireball at 5:16 is actually pretty epic. I like the colors of it

  3. TheGodOfPegana says:

    Cheers! It was so much fun doing it. I never planned for it to take two
    years to draw. It just happened. To this day it’s my favourite thing I

  4. justbesilly says:

    Wow…. You used a hole note block/bog and used two years! Wow…. I can’t
    believe you can concentrate on it for so long, and not given up…

  5. TheGodOfPegana says:

    Nowadays I refuse to let anyone approach this comic. Lest they damage it.
    It’s become like a Bible or something. A little indication of my being able
    to speak French was in Chibicharlies “Je n’ai rien” written on a can. =) I
    don’t remember this comic being a pain to create. It was so quickly done –
    given the poor level of skills it required. I made up the story as I went
    along and even to this day the story amazes me. So intricate and coherent.
    I couldn’t produce a story like that today.

  6. TheGodOfPegana says:

    Sometimes you freak me out. I had just clicked on that video and seconds
    into it, you comment. Like you “sensed” I was here. I am mad at myself but
    I am even more mad at the people who lost it. I wasn’t even there when it
    happened. But I should have been careful not to let these circumstances
    happen, that lead to the books being lost. But I guess that was here to
    teach me something. My classmates at the time got to see this comic book
    being made. As did my best friend and my cousins.

  7. Twefrence says:

    woaaa. A freaking comic book that consists of almost 300 pages @@ I really
    do hope you get your hollywood reunion with the 2nd and 3rd book =( I would
    be so mad at myself for losing them. Oh and I had no idea you spoke French
    until I saw the writing =P *If only I understood enough French* =P Has
    anyone read the comic yet? =) It must hv taken you a long time each day as
    a teen drawing all of this down, but it must have also been a really
    enjoyable experience =)

  8. Makayla Young says:

    Are the characters inspired from mortal kombat?

  9. TheGodOfPegana says:

    Inspired? They ARE the characters from Mortal Kombat! =) But my drawing
    skills at that time probably doesn’t make that obvious! XD

  10. TheGodOfPegana says:

    You probably won’t remember but we once talked about this series on DA. You
    mentioned “Kick Your Own Arse” for a title. =) The main feeling I keep from
    that comic book is the absolute artistic freedom that came with not caring
    about feasibility. I dream big so I wasn’t afraid to take years to draw
    that comic book if that’s what I needed to do. I wasn’t afraid to draw
    robots, castles, fight scenes, powers etc. Nowadays I care too much about
    rules and my abilities. It takes some of the fun away.

  11. JennaBeelack says:

    I know, I didn’t even realise until I noticed that the video was sitting at
    1 view, refreshed to make sure youtube wasn’t trollin’. :’) Yeah! I was
    using my “whoisJennaBeelack” account because I had forgotten the password
    for this one. n_n

  12. TheGodOfPegana says:

    My twelve year old self thanks you profusely. As does my current self. =)

  13. TheGodOfPegana says:

    Actually it’s 3 copy books that were initially bought for school but were
    never used. So I stapled them together. At the time I couldn’t have
    afforded the proper material to draw on anyway. I’m glad all the gore in
    this amuses you rather than grosses you out. I wasn’t sure how that was
    going to be received. Finishing this was like giving birth! Except it took
    years rather than nine months. Only elephants know how that feels!

  14. JennaBeelack says:

    I completely lost my shit at “brick-layers nightmare”. :’D

  15. TheGodOfPegana says:

    Hey you got first comment! It’s my favourite title! But my favourite bunch
    of drawings would have to be the contortion ones. I remember writing your
    name for my “100,000” video. =)

  16. Twefrence says:

    =O You can’t expose my secret on the internet =P But yes, will be waiting
    for the redraws =)

  17. SeanieBlahBlah says:

    Am I right in saying you did it all in the same note book? The scene with
    the truck hitting somebody looks really great and it made me laugh 🙂 This
    is some achievement. It’s must’ve felt pretty good completing it! This is a
    really great idea for a series and I look forward to do 🙂 Not an easy task
    to take on! I kept forgetting it was all from the same story too, there’s
    so much in it! 🙂

  18. Twefrence says:

    hahaha. IIIII was freaked out when you replied so quickly =P I guess even
    in different time zones we’re still stuck on youtube 24-7 =P ahhh… so it
    wasn’t you =/ I would protect this copy like it was holy or smt too after
    the incident thn… True true, I thought you either just wanted to randomly
    put “foreign” writing in the drawing or maybe it was your “second language”
    or smt =P I’m only fluent in 2 languages =P Hm… maybe translate it into
    English when you start redrawing it? =)

  19. justbesilly says:

    I understand 😀 It was also pretty cool 🙂

  20. TheGodOfPegana says:

    I will be redrawing only a few “moments” from that comic book, for the sake
    of the video series. But indeed I had planned to write the text in English
    this time! I’m starting to think you might be some kind of a mind-reader.

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