NO JUMPING! How To Get Your Dog To STOP Jumping On People – FASTEST Way

NO JUMPING! How To Get Your Dog To STOP Jumping On People - FASTEST Way

Here is my way to stop dogs jumping on people. Dogs learn by reinforcement, so by not being able to jump up and accidentally reinforced, they learn that sitting is just as reinforcing!
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25 Responses

  1. Cathy Durham says:

    Any suggestions for much larger dogs? Our over exuberant 150 pound Rottie
    pup will pull me right off my feet when I step on his leash.

  2. Lluís Serra says:

    Un bon tutorial per un dels clàssics “problemes de comportament” dls
    nostres amiguets.

  3. AquaInfinity AJ says:

    When I was 10 I did this really irresponsible thing I did.
    Whenever my dog jumped on me I would grab its paws gently and start dancing
    with it every time it jumped on me. So basically it hated that and learned
    to stop BUT DON’T TRY THIS. It’s irresponsible and rude.

  4. Kyra Pitcox says:

    Guests are so far between at my house and I’m so embarrassed of my dog when
    they do happen. Whats the best way to practice without a new person coming
    over? My dogs excitement level is insanity when its anyone other than me or
    my fiance.

  5. BattleScarGigantica says:

    4:30, is that Rap music in the background?

  6. AdorkableTragedy says:

    My dog is a outside dog and he jumps on me with his gross paws :/ I put my
    knee up but he doesn’t stop, then when I think he is done jumping, I turn
    my back and he jumps on me :/
    I just need help with a few things- he is a Akita/Heeler
    I need help with him to stop jumping
    Stop biting the other dogs when I throw the ball( he doesn’t like to play
    fetch, he hurts them, he bits the legs and pulls or sometimes the ears or
    and He does know his name and he comes when I call him, but if there are
    other people or animals around he doesn’t listen to me and I would love to
    let him be off leash to go running with me, or on the beach.Oh one more
    thing! The pug and him fight! my dog is fixed and the pug and him fight it
    gets bad, I will pull my dog off and he’s done, he won’t go after the pug,
    but the pug will keep going after my dog, how do I stop the pug from going
    after my dog?

  7. Tony C says:

    what if my dog is super excited and ignoring me when i tell him to sit.

  8. Ryan Hoel says:

    This is a good idea. Last time we had someone over I put my dog on his
    leash. It helped but he was still able to jump a little bit. I like the
    idea of stepping on the leash. It makes perfect sense!

  9. Martin Dean says:

    You should do a video with a dog thats not all ready been trained. 

  10. yummy goood says:

    hi I was told by two dog trainer that why adult dogs jump on you is
    because they are showing you that they are the pack leader and they are
    letting you know that they are in control, I also read it on Cesar the dog
    whisper blog as well. you say they are not trying to show you that they are
    not dominant. who is right in this and who I take advice from ? a little
    from all? the rottie is over a year and still jumps on everyone that comes
    thru the door even you tell her no jump she does it anyway. and when she is
    in the sitting position and she gets up she will jump on you. we are not
    sure why she contuse to do jump on people.

  11. Mindy Kopelke says:

    Hi Kristin, love all your videos. 🙂 I plan to get two very distinct dogs
    in the future who are opposites in nature- a Chow and Malamute. Now the
    Chow I have to work hard with to socialize so I will be paying close
    attention to how it reacts to newcomers. (Should I reward his just being
    friendly like a lick of the hand and try not to get him to avoid people?) I
    would anticipate that the Malamute will be the kind who may jump at people
    in happiness. I’m just trying to learn what sorts of things I will need to
    anticipate and reward for in each dog. Myself, I don’t like to approach
    another person’s dog but let the dog approach me, but I also don’t want
    children who are unpredictable and excited to get bit when they do come
    running up to my dog. Chows are very distrustful of other people, do you
    think I should sometimes let other people feed it a treat too? What is a
    good way to introduce little kids to a dog who is wary? Any tips are great

  12. Aourelia Kavoura says:

    We have our dog(golden retriever) outside because we have a very big yard
    and he likes playing but every time i’m trying to go out of the house he
    just doesnt stop jumping or even let me walk.i pet him and he calms but
    when i stop and try to walk away and he starts jumping again!help!and when
    i turn my back he still jumps on me.he is 6 months old is is too late to

  13. Lluís Serra says:
  14. New Dog Trainer says:

    I am keenly interested in dog training and therefore find this video to be
    very helpful!

  15. Dan Shellist says:

    Excellent advice.

  16. Heather Gulley says:

    When we turn around our Mastiff! Just jumps on our backs! ugh- and of
    course her nails do major damage to our backs. So the question is for us
    because she only jumps on us when we get home and so no one is there to
    hold the leash?

  17. siri rome says:

    great vids! im very glad i found your page! i adopted a border collie about
    3 weeks ago hes around 5 months old.. hes a great pup and so smart i
    bought him a crate and pee pads but im thankful i dont need them he never
    goes inside our home which was a great plus for me!! but i am having a hard
    time with visitors or with strangers on our run. he will jump on everyone
    even me when hes exited! should i teach him not to jump on me and my kids

  18. Amy P says:

    This is a great video. I have some friends who have a pitbull/lab mix.
    She’s an absolutely wonderful dog, loves people, but UHHHH, YEAH, she likes
    to jump on people when greeting them. She likes to kiss everybody! LOL!
    But trying to break her of jumping is going to be difficult because she
    hasn’t had consistent training. She’s still a puppy, only a year and a
    half old, so she’s more like a teenager than anything. If I had the time I
    would work with her myself.

  19. Natalie P. says:

    I have 3 months old puppy and she often barks at people. Even at people
    from my family. Any help? 🙁 I never know what to do. I always try to call
    her, she comes to me, sits but then she goes back to the person and barks
    at him/her.

  20. Aeryun Stöcklein says:

    Great video. Love that you addressed the fact that visitors wont always
    comply. Although I realize this is just a tutorial you could boost your
    channel a LOT by showing real life learning with an actual problem dog. But
    love your channel anyway! :)

  21. christopher paulo says:

    Not bad, but you should elaborate on how to work on to stop using the
    leesh. The dog might be good on the leesh at home but then be bad off
    again. Dogs that do greet at the door or jump when visitor’s come over are
    because the owners enforced it when they were young. now that they are
    bigger its a bad habbit. Great video for the beginners. just though id put
    my 2 cents in. Cheers. :)

  22. Cody Robertson says:

    How do you stop a large white male like me from jumping on you? Lol
    totally kidding, but you’re really pretty 😉

    Seriously though, I have a black lab mix and he thinks jumping on people is
    the only way to interact when he’s excited. I haven’t tried this method
    yet but he is 8 months and we are working on some really strange issues as
    of late. I’ve been perusing the internet for answers as I’ve never had a
    dog like this. He is a great dog but a non-neutered male with a LOT of
    energy. I am trying to get better with walking him so I can show him how
    to be calm and walk next to me. I will let you know how this approach
    works for myself as well. Good luck to all you dog owners :)

  23. autograph415 says:

    Hey what should I do if my dog jumps only on new people. I noticed when its
    someone he’s met a couple times he doesn’t jump. He’s a Dane pit mix less
    then 2 years old so I know he’s just excited just don’t known the best way
    to train him. Because like with me he won’t jump on me or others he knows 

  24. Thomas Federico says:

    I liked this video because I’ve found no other dealing with a situation
    like this and what you say makes sense 🙂 I’m gonna definitively try this
    with my dog :)

  25. Cupcake Supreme says:

    My dog still jumps on me when i turn my back

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